How To Make a Fancy Bow Blouse

Sunday, April 29, 2012

how to make a fancy bow blouse via Kristina J blog

It's always fun to up-cycle an old item of clothing into something really special.  Here's is a simple tutorial on how take a (blah) blouse and make it stand out with minimal effort or cost. This would also work really well on a regular t-shirt.

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Making It Work: White Denim Skirt

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 I'm gonna go ahead and admit it.  Me and the white denim have a whole lotta nostalgic history. It was my first proper "grown-up" skirt back in the 1980's and while I've graduated from the tie-dye shirt I wore with it then, it still reminds me of days gone by...of quintessential summer evenings spent sipping iced tea and watching my brother add to his tree fort. 
White denim is just carefree fun and I'm just sayin'...any item of clothing that makes me feel like that free-spirited girl again is all right by me.

Geek in the Pink
Pink And White
Anthro Four Petal Sweater
J.Crew skirt
Gap trench
Cap-toe flats

So Neutral
Light and Breezy
J.Crew sweatshirt and skirt
Gap scarf
DSW flats

On Safari

safari tee
J.Crew blouse, tee and skirt
Gap jacket
Fossil bag
Sperry Topsiders

Denim and Stripes
Denim and Orange

LOFT blouse
J.Crew skirt
Madewell jacket
DSW flats


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How To Refashion a Maxi Skirt

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Skirt:: H/M
Top:: GAPkids
Belt:: Target
Flats:: DSW
Bag:: FOSSIL Vintage Re-Issue

Last summer, I bought this white maxi from H/M knowing I'd shorten it. I've never been able to find a white midi skirt I liked and thought the embroidery at the bottom of this skirt was interesting enough to make the finished product look a bit like the White Trillums skirt from Anthro. 

I followed the slight curve of the design. Even if the skirt you use doesn't have a pattern, I'd still recommend cutting it off with a soft curve so the finished product will look more organic and natural.

I left the remaining length of the underskirt to serve as a built in lining (which I also hemmed) since white is easy to see through.

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How To Raise a Neckline With Ruffles

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I bought this dress because I absolutely loved the vintage print on this netting fabric, but knew I'd have to adjust the low neckline to be comfortable in it.  Since we're all about modesty over here, I wanted to feature a tutorial that explains how you can raise a round neckline using ruffles.

The dress was tea-length with plenty of extra fabric at the bottom that I used for the ruffles, but if the fabric of your dress will unravel, you will need to finish off the edges. You could also use a coordinating color of fabric to make your ruffles if the length of your dress doesn't allow it.

Cut out the fabric in a half moon, slightly wider than the width from shoulder strap to shoulder strap. Try the dress on to double check where you want this piece to be placed.

Netting won't unravel, so I left the top edges raw to match the unfinished hem.

This isn't really an exact science...just use your eye to pin the remaining ruffles, then sew to your dress.  The end result will be a dreamy, fluttery effect that matches the cut of the dress.

Would you ever raise a neckline this way?

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Wearing: Camel + Black

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Skirt:: Banana Republic
Blouse:: LOFT
Belt:: J.Crew
Trench:: Target
Bag: Handbag Heaven
Pumps: Nine West
Watch:: AE

Today, I'm loving:
  • salted pretzels dipped in chocolate
  • lisped prayers of my children
  • a sateen black trench
  • big hair that has a personality of its own
  • the reassuring squeeze of husbie's arms around me
  • little fingers on piano keys
  • friendly cards in the mailbox
  • sunbeams across the floor
What are you loving today?

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How To Make an Art Deco Watch

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The length of chain can be altered depending  on how loose you want your watch to be. This length of chain will be folded in half later on.

I trimmed my ribbon to 2 inches total, which you can alter for your own length. I also used a drop of hot glue inside the clasp for extra reinforcement.

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