A T-shirt Kind of Dress-up Day

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

how to style a midi pencil skirt via Kristina J blog
Boden Wow skirt |  J.Crew cardi (another) and tee |  UO pumps (similar) |  Anthropologie bag (similar) | Target watch

what to wear with a midi pencil skirt via Kristina J blog
what to wear with a midi pencil skirt via Kristina J blog
how to style a midi pencil skirt via Kristina J blog

Some days the rain and wind just get ya. Like today, when my curly hair had been perfectly pressed (though not permanent pressed, as you can see by the fluffy ends). So of course, it had to rain and instantly the humidity and wetness clouded my images, curled my flat-ironed hair and chased me indoors. Sometimes, life is like a box of chocolates and then other times, it isn't. 

LOVE THAT | Summer Gingham

Sunday, July 27, 2014

love that

Gingham may not be outside the box, but it's fresh as the air you breath at a picnic on the beach. The square motiff is whimsical, yet chic and can be the perfect pattern you need to add interest to what might be a basic outfit. These our my current gingham crushes for the summer.
summer gingham picks via Kristina J blog

1.  If I Only Had a Rainbow dress via ModCloth
2.  Washed Gingham shirt via L.L.Bean
3.  Poppy skirt via Boden
4.  Gingham Check Shirt via Joe Fresh for JCPenney
5.  Box Pleat Midi via Dorothy Perkins
6.  Kerrington Dome Tote via Tory Burch
7.  Cotu Classic sneakers via Lord and Taylor
8.  Corner Candyshop Bag via ModCloth


Thursday, July 24, 2014

how to style a corner gallery wall via Kristina J blog

I'm in love with everything. Honestly. I don't have a matching coffee mug set because I'd get bored without my mix and match collection. I don't have the same style of dining chairs around my table because I like too many different styles, and I could never NOT display all my fantastical wall art together just because there are too many styles and sizes and medium. The solution to my eclectic taste in wall art is, of course, a gallery wall. Art gallery walls are all over Pinterest and home blogs and I love the hodge-podge, yet chic effect of having all my favorite images together. 

There are obviously tons of professionals who have posted the finer details on how to hang a salon-style gallery wall, but the whole idea of blogging is to share information from my point of view, so here's how I selected the art and styled the corner art gallery in the bedroom of my daughter.
how to style a gallery wall via Kristina J blog

1. I don't have a fortune to spend on frames (I'd rather reserve my dough for the art) so I pick up vintage gold frames from Goodwill on 50% off day. I also get lots of inexpensive white frames from Ikea.  
2. Trace your frame onto plain white paper and write a description of the image onto the paper so you know which print that paper represents.
3. Tape the papers to the wall in the arrangement you want. This is much easier on your walls than that ol' hammer-and-nails routine.
4. Lay your art out on the floor in the same way you've planned on your wall to confirm you like the arrangement and display of colors as a whole. Adjust anything you don't like by rearranging the papers.

how to hang a corner art gallery via Kristina J blog
1.  Once you've got the first wall arranged, move around to the other side and repeat the first four steps. 
2.  Hang your art by nailing in the exact spaces where you've taped the paper descriptions. 
3.  Make any necessary picture switches or adjustments.
At this point, I triple fold a piece of tape and place it on the back lower left corner to keep frames from hanging crooked or falling if bumped.

Obviously, this is really a matter of preference, but I like to hang a mix of things that reflect personalities and ideas that are worth aspiring to. Here's my list of art to include in an art gallery (the art source information for my corner gallery is on this post).
what kind of art to hang on your walls via Kristina J blog

1. Life principles worth reading over and over again  There are certain principles I want my children REALLY GET, so I post them to their bedroom walls. Repetition feeds long term memory and hopefully, behavior. :)
2. Handmade printables are easy to come by with a little creativity and programs like PicMonkey. If you don't own a color printer, Kinkos and Walmart can print them for you at a much cheaper price than purchased art.
3. The walls in our home are covered in the hand-sewing projects completed by my children and myself. It's a sentimental version of the hand-drawings that are readily available from school or church.
4. Pictures of favorite cousins and friends are turned into wall art as opposed to taping pictures to the refrigerator. Plus, it's fun see their pictures and be reminded to pray for them during bed-time prayers.
5. Personalized art from Etsy is a go-to for me. See my Etsy art print picks fpr this gallery here.
6. Nothing boosts a child's self-esteem more than having their art work placed in a frame and hung on the wall with the rest of Mommy's favorite art. Instant smiles!

how to hang gallery wall via Kristina J blog

7. Feature the original architecture of your home. We bought a mid-century home that had a vintage Nu-Tone intercom system wired into the bedrooms. The system no longer works, but rather than remove and drywall the holes, we retained a piece of history and arranged the images around the intercom plate, letting Nu-Tone become its own work of art. 

I go with one main rule in this area--opposites attract. 
how to hang gallery wall

1. Place vintage prints next to modern ones.  
2. Space the typography and word messages apart from each other.  The eye needs a place to rest and when words are right next to each other, people will get stuck trying to read them instead of enjoying the gallery as a whole collection.
3. Place realistic images next to abstract ones. Putting a print of realistic flowers next to a literal image of an animal is just not as interesting as a biology book flower sketch next to the shape of a deer sketched of flowers or a spectacle-wearing fox.
4. Work whimsical character images into spaces near typography or more realistic images. 
5. Mix your images so animals and people and plants are interspersed, rather than placing all the plant prints together or the animal prints near each other.

how to hang a corner gallery wall via Kristina J blog
The end result is a corner art gallery that uniquely reflects my daughter's personality and personal tastes while also being a fantastic decorative focal point to her bedroom. What do you think? Would you ever hang a corner art gallery in your home?

Tartan Plaid on Denim Midi

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

how to style a denim midi skirt via Kristina J blog
Joe Fresh denim skirt (similar and another) |  Target blouse (similar) + watch |  Old Navy jacket + bag |  Sperry Shoes (lots on eBay) |  HM shades

how to style a denim midi skirt via Kristina J bloghow to style a denim midi skirt via Kristina J bloghow to wear a denim midi skirt via Kristina J blog

Funny how you can't deny your faves no matter the season. I'm gone over red tartan plaid.  This traditionally festive weave is something I use in my outfits and designs over and over...and I continue to celebrate even in the middle of summer. Honestly, put a line-up of prints in front of me and I'll swing for tartan every time. Call me boring consistent. HA. 

LOVE THAT | Etsy Art for Gallery Walls

Sunday, July 20, 2014

love that
whimsical gallery art from Etsy
If you saw my Instagram post about my corner gallery wall, then you know I'm head-over-heels flipped about the beautiful and whimsical art offered by the artists on Etsy. I've rounded up eleven of my favorite prints for you to check out. Of course, I'll have eleven new ones next week, but you can be sure they will be sourced from these Etsy sellers

wall art from Etsy via Kristina J blog

1.  Love Carries All by rococcoLA
2.  Hello deer print by  BillyandScarlet
3.  Custom name girl by littlelunareef
4.  Umbrella girl by illustrationsbyaimee
5.  Waiting for Fall print by poppopportraits 
6.  Love you More elissahudson

what to hang on your walls via Kristina J blog
7.  Coral Flowers by lunareef
8.  Red Poppies by lunareef
9.  Yellow bicycle print by tuesdaymourning
10. You are wonderful print by BillyandScarlet
11. Fox art by BillyandScarlet

I also love any of the Scripture prints by printablewisdom. I have a version of the Bible verse that says she is clothed with strength and dignity in Makenzie's room gallery. My print is from long ago but there are hundreds on Etsy.  Other art I use in my home is hand-worked pieces. My kids and I love to pass the time on long trips by doing embroidery. The best character patterns I've found are in a book titled Little Stitches Embroidery Designs by Aneela Hoey (this book is full of modern and whimsical embroidery patterns if that's your thing...it's definitely mine). This patiserrie scene was super fun to complete and this chickadee scene is whimsical embroidery at it's best.

So which ones are your favorites?

The Refashion Challenge

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Every summer, there's a whole list of pieces I want to buy but just can't justify purchasing at the price point offered. I also have six baskets of old, previously loved items from my closet that are either damaged, stained or clothes that might be perfectly fine but I'm just plain tired of wearing and styling as they are (moment of honesty there). Rather than give them to a second-hand store, this month, I've decided to challenge myself to create and refashion the items below into pieces that resemble the summer clothes I'd love to have in my closet. 

summer refashion challenge collage
I'm limiting myself to the color palette of these clothes and will allow myself only four yards of extra fabric to create clothes from my inspiration board. In the end, I may not have an exact replica, but at least I'll have been more financially responsible with my resources and hopefully end up with some new, functional clothes for summer without spending a fortune. Let the Refashion Challenge begin!

diy inspiration 

Inspiration List        
1. Boden Arianna dress
2. Boden Easy t-shirt dress
3. GAP Denim fit and flare dress
4. Anthro Stripe Edit Maxi
5. Boden Flowershow dress
6. Anthropologie Elodie dress
7. Dorothy Perkins Mela Stripe dress

What sort of piece are you hankering for this summer?

Stripes and Spots

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

modest summer outfit via Kristina J blog
Boden blouse  |  Corilynn skirt |  Tommy Hilfiger Ramona flats |  Old Navy bag |  Watch (borrowed from Studhubs)

modest summer outfit via Kristina J blog
how to dress modest for summer via Kristina J blog

navy and pink combo via Kristina J blog

relaxing  in the front yard sitting in my newly built Adirondack chair
listening  to the giggles of my little kiddos  
reading  The Hobbit because it's been 22 years since I read it for the first time
sleeping  in late every morning
hating  my lack of focus
wondering  why summer has to go by so quickly
sewing  lots of home decor pieces like drapes and bench cushions
eating  fresh blueberries with flax seed and yogurt from Orange Leaf
watching  season 4 of Downton Abbey and loving the pig scene 
wearing  lots of maxi skirts because 1) they're breezy and 2) they hide so much

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