Stepford Wife

Friday, March 28, 2014

eShatki dress (thank you) |  J.Crew cardi | FOSSIL bag (similar) | Steve Madden pumps (similar)

This is me in a strong state of delirious happiness, looking like a real life Stepford wife (minus the mind control thing) thanks to the fabulous company eShatki.  Their dresses are completely customized to your height, size and style preference (a treasure trove for you tall ladies who can never find dresses long enough). And this isn't just a cotton dress. It's made from shantung silk so not only is the print divine, but the feel is super luxurious. 
Some of my other faves from eShakti are the Butterfly Denim Chambray skirt, the Anchor Print Poplin Dress,  the Pastel Colorblock Dress, and the Colorblock Poplin Dress.

YOUR TURN: Is the possibility of being able to buy customized clothes appealing to you?

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Mid-Winter Collection 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

mid-winter collection 2014 via Kristina J blog

mid winter fashion collection 2014 via Kristina J blog

modest dresses via Kristina J blog

It's always so fun to look at all the pieces of a project together. It helps me see if the elements are cohesive as a group. Thought you might like to see a part of my design process for this collection. NOW. 
On to SPRING!!

YOUR TURN | Which design would you choose to buy first? Second?

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Designing | On A Cloud Skirt

Monday, March 24, 2014

AE shirt + watch (similar) | F21 pumps (similar) | Claire's headwrap (similar)

I love this swishy, billowy skirt so much I've been asking myself why I've never created one like it before. But then if I had, I wouldn't have this design to feature now, so my lack of insight in the past has really worked out for me. I didn't have anything fancy going...just a mad-crazy-girl-desire to wear TULLE, and lots of it. I know a lot of you get like that as well (and this is why we get each other! HA. Group hug!)

So this marks the end of the mid-winter collection I started LAST year (before getting sidetracked with move, a job change and on and on....collection recap to come.
Hope you enjoyed!

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LOVE THAT | Spring Shoe Guide 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

No girl I know absolutely needs more shoes, including me, but shoe-wearing is always so much more about the feelings they produce than fact, no? The shedding of boots after winter is almost like a reclaiming a version of your lighter, happier self. So while I don't really have to have any more spring shoes, this is the list of the pairs I'd want to buy if, you know, I really needed them. Which I probably do, cuz' I like my lighter, happier self. A lot.
1. Brand New via Seychelles | I could dress them up or dress 'em down. Depending on my mood...which tends to change. Frequently. Occasionally. 

2. DV Viera Sandal via Amazon | Just looking at them makes me want to pair them with every maxi dress I own. Plus, Mexicali is a big deal this year, and since I'm not going to go all mariachi or anything, these would be the perfect touch. 

3. Thyme Wedges via Anthropologie |  It would really be a toss up between these and the Turquoise option from Seychelles. 

4. Steve Madden UNITYY Pump |  I tend to wear lots of pink and coral in spring and summer, so these pumps would be awesome to style with my print dresses.

5. Madden Girl Ginzaa via Amazon | The flesh-colored-go-with-everything pumps. The ankle strap on this pair is just icing on the cake. 

7. Sperry-Topsider Linen Bahama | The little girl inside me is screaming, "Those are sooo cute!" I'm not a little girl anymore so I'd have to offer some guidance to my younger screaming self before I bought them because they are so-o-o bright. But then again, summer's about bright, right??

6. Steve Madden Inaa Flat  |  I will own these flats SOON. D'Orsay has always made me weak in the knees. 

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Spring Snow

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Land's End Canvas Dress (similar) (similar) | J.Crew Cardi (similar) | HM coat 
Tommy Hilfiger boots | Steve Madden satchel (similar) | LOFT tights + belt (similar)

Last time I wore this dress was about forever ago. Back when the air was warm, the highlights were blond and about 100 other pleasant, summery memories that make me cry to think about now. The thought of putting heels on today made me cringe, plus, we've been hit with snow...AGAIN, so I'm trying to lay off on shoes that could very likely get me killed if I stepped outside the house in them. I'm pretty sure I should get fashion points for smiling though, considering the circumstances. Cuz' like, there's absolutely nothing absurd about shopping for plastic Easter eggs while wearing winter rain boots. Nothing at all.

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