Kristina J. features DIY style, on-trend sewing projects and clothing presented from a modest point of view. I love promoting the handmade community by featuring makers of awesome things, bloggers and small business owners. I reserve the right to approve or deny an ad based on whether or not it is a good fit for Kristina J.

200 x 200 ads = $30/month or $50/2 months.

Giveaways//Reviews//Promo codes and Discounts
For c/o products, I will only wear items I can personally choose from your shop and that reflect my personal style. I will link the item to your site in official outfit posts. With sponsorship comes the opportunity to provide discounts and promo codes along with your giveaways, which will be mentioned in your giveaway post. I do not currently do product reviews.

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  1. I am a huge fan.
    I have set a goal for 2014 to restyle my (ill fitting) wardrobe and bought your book to help.
    I plan to blog about it and share my projects. I already started referencing your site. The last thing I want to do- is to offend you, so please visit my blog:
    And let me know if I am breaking any cardinal blogging rules I don't know about.
    Thanks again for all the inspiration!


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