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Monday, March 24, 2014

AE shirt + watch (similar) | F21 pumps (similar) | Claire's headwrap (similar)

I love this swishy, billowy skirt so much I've been asking myself why I've never created one like it before. But then if I had, I wouldn't have this design to feature now, so my lack of insight in the past has really worked out for me. I didn't have anything fancy going...just a mad-crazy-girl-desire to wear TULLE, and lots of it. I know a lot of you get like that as well (and this is why we get each other! HA. Group hug!)

So this marks the end of the mid-winter collection I started LAST year (before getting sidetracked with move, a job change and on and on....collection recap to come.
Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Love it!! Any chance for a tutorial?

  2. I would love to see how you made this tulle skirt. I love it.

  3. would love to see how you made this please! Fabulous :)

  4. Kristina,
    I'm asking for your expertise relative to what I wear to my marriage ceremony in October, 2014. We are exchanging our vows in a beautiful mountain town, Lake City, CO. 10,000 feet altitude. I am 54 years old and marrying my soul mate. Its not a fancy wedding town at all! I think this ensemble you've styled would be perfect. I own a great Ralph Lauren plain flannel blouse, it has wonderful pyramidal stud snaps. The colors are in the red/blue/cream realm. I wonder what color for the skirt, ivory/cream or navy blue. I own a fabulous pair of Liz Claiborne red suede pumps.
    I'd appreciate your opinion and direction.

  5. Sexy bitch, just jacked off to these pics


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