Constructing: One Wedding Dress

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hmm...I so almost didn't post these, but here they are...

This is the wedding dress I made for myself nine years ago...I kinda feel old just sayin' that.
I tried on what felt like 5,483 wedding dresses, but it was the year of the ginormous ball skirt dress, and everything I tried on just seemed too much.

I got married a short fifteen months after my brother died.
Life was complicated and confusing, and I just wanted a really simple dress that didn't overwhelm me. I didn't know how to slope or block a pattern back then, but I came across a vintage pattern from the 1970's (of course) that I loved.
I bought $100 worth of fabric, cut out a pattern for a train from an old sheet that the original pattern didn't include and my wedding dress came to be!
Nine years later, and I still sorta love it.

It was a FAH-REEZING 28 degrees outside when we took these pics. I really thought my lips were gonna look blue, so the coat never came off, BUT...
the really great story behind my coat is that one of my readers, Lanee' Marshall, found this vintage 1970's leather coat and bought it for me.
How awesome!?!? She totally made my day.

I guess in a way, it works, right? Both pieces nod to the 70's and I was originally a fall bride, so the leaves on the ground are quite perfect, actually.
And in the end, all that really matters is that Scott and I still love, and are in love, like fire on kindling.

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.-- Dr. Seuss


  1. Gasp, Kristina! I love your dress. I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I almost lost mine many years back, and I count my lucky stars I didn't. I love these photos, and the dress is gorgeous on you. You are absolutely stunning. I love how the leather coat toughens up the look, and it makes you look like the perfect fall bride.

  2. Oh, I love your dress! Reminds me of mine. I too, made my own wedding dress after trying on several poofy dresses that weren't me! Not to mention the high price tags. LOL~
    Lovely photos, and nice message you said about being married and laying awake and knowing you are living your dream, only better! SO TRUE!

  3. I love your dress. It's so classic and dare I say so you:)

    I love the way you have it styled. These images look like they're from a wedding magazine.

    Thaat Dr. Suess quote is one of my favorites.

  4. Oh, so, so pretty! You're just lovely!

  5. Am a huge fan!! Awesome!

  6. kristina, love the the coat(my kind of coat when I was about your age! Mom

  7. kristina.
    i am so glad you posted this.
    your dress is beautiful. i can not believe you made this. amazing.
    these photos and you are absolutely positively beautiful.

  8. so this is present day right? I'm mostly impressed the you still fit into your dress!! not sure if i could say the same ... and it's only been 3.5 years and one baby. rock it girl!

  9. So beautiful Kristina - you are such a talent. It's a gorgeous dress, not too complicated and very classic. You are so stunning in these pictures.'s like falling in love all over again :-)

  10. very pretty! It has the feel of Jane Austen. love your shoes and coat and all your styling is always great!

  11. Thank you for posting these photos, they made me smile. I think you did a fantastic job on your dress. I'm so amazed by your talent. I love the little ribbon in your hair too, it's very sweet :)


  12. aww. lovely. no worries about the "nine years ago" factor. I got married 6.5 years ago ;) hehe. Your dress is lovely! I'm very sorry that your brother missed your wedding. I am sure he would have wanted to. Did your experience make your day very hard on you?? maybe you don't want to talk about it though. I'm sorry. a different situation but what reminded me. . .I have a brother who chose to not go to my wedding and that was really hard on me and I cried all day about it. . .it had a big damper on my special day because I pleaded in letters that he come and that I missed him (he was a bit of a prodigal son to my parents for three years). . . .and although I forgive him, he always apologizes and lives with guilt for what he did.

  13. My sister in law would kill for this dress. I made a retro patterned wedding gown...well, had a seamstress make it, which was crazy in itself. The dress turned out and so did a wondreful marriage! And now a wonderful daughter, and maybe even more wonderful kiddos! It's a wonderful life...sheesh...could I get any more cheesy?

  14. I can't believe you made your own wedding dress! The dress is absolutely gorgeous; so simple and elegant. Definitely a timeless piece!

    I love the fact that you still wear your wedding dress. I can't believe how many people spend thousands of dollars on a poofy dress that they only wear for a few hours of their life.

  15. Dress, coat, and bride are all beautiful!

    I love the clean simplicity of your wedding dress!

  16. So lovely... you have real talent.


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