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Thursday, December 16, 2010

(Kristina J. Sedona Skirt, LOFT sweater, Anthro Pony Prix tites, Orla Kiely print bag, MIA cadet booties)

I'm baackk!
I've been fighting some kind of seriously nasty respiratory infection.
Today, I felt almost human again, and that, combined with the fact that Christmas is just around the corner has me in such an exorbitantly good mood.
Oh, and my Christmas shopping is D-O-N-E! so I'm free to enjoy the season.

My head is crazy full of ideas. Visions of ruffles and gossamer ribbon dance in my head...who knew that Christmas shopping in the kid section of Von Maur could be so inspiring? I've been chomping at the bit to get out of my house and into the fabric store.

Thanks for all the love in the previous post.
It was a little overwhelming, 'cuz I hadn't been back on here since I posted Monday and had no idea how many people were lovin' the dress.
My mother called and asked, "WHY ARE YOU GIVING THIS DRESS AWAY?! I want it...I'm going to the fabric store to buy that fabric right now. I need you to make me one." She's so cute.
It just breaks my heart to choose only one of you. Actually, there's no way I could choose, so I'm gonna run your names through random.org and post the winner Saturday night. Be lookin' for your name!

I'm workin' on my next project--an eight piece collection of freshness (apparently the word fresh has been reborn to mean something's really awesome compared to when I was in high-school and it just meant you were naive and stupid)...And I should know, 'cuz I got the update from a freshly creative dude. hehehe...

Isn't this car so great, BTW? It seemed sorta serendipitous that I'd be wearing a bright skirt on the day I run smack-dab into a cream VW convertible bug, It actually belonged to one of the photographers out in the cornfield with me...sigh...I never even got to drive it.

Photos courtesy of Look Nook

Hope you're having the most blessed, rich and satisfying Christmas season ever!


  1. this is gorgeous :) such a perfect skirt + boots! these photos are beyond adorable :) merry christmas!


  2. This skirt is so beautiful, I love its rich color and what makes it even more special is that it's made by you!!

  3. Amazing combination. So happy to have found your blog-- I love finding other modest dressers making it work!

  4. geeze, when you go into business for reals, look out Anthro! They got some serious competition here with you...that skirt is just beautiful!

  5. Holy Schnikes! I'm loving the blog and photos! And the love bug! Super keen, ma'am!

    Raised By Wolves

  6. I love it ! So cute ! I like the stockings on you too. The last picture is so good of you and the Kids... love the old barn in the back grown.This is Theresa Ayars. You don't know me. I was at GBS with your mom... many many years ago. But I hope you mine if I enjoy your blog. I like to sew to !

  7. great photos and glad you are feeling better. You make me want that sweater and those tights that I both passed on!!!

  8. such beautiful photos! Love the red skirt on you and your tights are so cute!


  9. Love your work!!! great blog!!! :) and the cocktail dress, wow!!!

  10. oh boy do i love this combo! I love the pop of red/orange of the skirt with the navy top.
    The car looks awesome too.
    Aww, you mother sounds so sweet Kristina. And D'OH! i forgot to mention it in my post...d'oh d'oh!

  11. Ok...for real-o. Your momma IS cute, and I'm with her. If random.org doesn't pick my comment, you just might be gettin' some measurements from my gmail and some cash from my paypal!!! :))

  12. Very beautiful dress. That is nice that you are giving it away too. Very nice car!! Sweet kids too awwwwwwwwwwww.

  13. I hope you feel completely better soon! I love your outfit - I've been eying those pony prix tights at Anthro for months now! They look great on you! And also, I read your about me, and I just wanted to say how awesome it is that you acknowledge God's presence in all things, especially the joy that you have in your talent. It's always wonderful to be reminded of that. And thanks for the sweet comments on my blog :)

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  14. Looking amazing - that skirt is just brilliant and your little ones are such cuties :)

  15. Just found your comment on my spaghetti or more specifically "meat sauce" :) Made me happy! Your blog definately looks interesting to me. So I am now following you :)

  16. Beautiful photos. I love the burnt orange skirt! I love your ringlets as well :)


  17. I absolutely love the pairing of the sweater and skirt! And your little ones are precious!


  18. I love all of these photos, especially the one where you are sitting in the car- so lovely! Your outfit is great too and I am jealous you have that sweater too because I have loved it since it first came out at LOFT!


  19. I just took a peek at this and I had to write because I drive a light green VW Beetle conv., with tan interrior. And it made me giggle. :) Really enjoying your blog!


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