Wearing: French Braid

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play,
So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day."
Cat in the Hat
--Dr. Seuss

(Gap dress, J.Crew Wool Cardi, Crown Vintage oxfords, HUE tights, Anthro Modern Master Watch, Trench from Korea)

So you know how they say, "Do something to occupy your time and the snow will go away"?
It's not working. We've
1) played sudoku
2) baked cookies
3) made shadow puppets with a flashlight on the wall
4) drawn (very poor) pictures for relatives
5) gone to the library
6) made paper airplanes
7) made monkey puppets out of brown lunch bags
8) had the cousins over
9) played Chutes and Ladders 574,489 times

The kids have even tried to teach Mom how to play video games and that took some time, lemme tell ya
(and I still can't complete a level without some sudden demise into the lake of lava).
The foul weather just isn't going anywhere.
Apparently, Dr. Seuss had never visited Indiana in February when he wrote,
"From there to here, from here to there,
funny things are everywhere",
'cuz honestly, four inches of ice under six inches of snow just isn't funny anymore.

Oh, yeah...and this is what it STILL looks like where I live...
so those of you frolicking on the beach (ahem, TIEN),
feel free to send some warmth this way...=)

Photos courtesy of Kristina Cipolla Photography


  1. Yeah, I'm not laughing either - bah, we need some sunshine! Thank goodness you are radiating warmth and looking so sweet and pretty in these pictures! I love braids, but can't do them on my own hair...hmm, maybe I could self train from You Tube next time we are snowbound?

  2. All the details about this outfit are amazing Kristina. From your piercing blue eyes, to your beautiful hair, to the flowy dress on a cold day, I am blown away!

  3. Ha, Kristina, you crack me up. You look like a fresh ray of spring sunshine yourself in your floral dress, light cardigan, and gorgeous braid. I love your hair. I really, really love your hair. I wish I could have those romantic curls myself, but alas, I'm stuck with slightly wavy, sometimes straight hair.

  4. I absolutely love that last photo. So beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. Maybe it's because I live in SF. ;)

  5. Um first, holy cow your eyes are gorgeous!!! Second, you are adorable! I love the whole look...so easy and fresh...effortless! Third, HOLY ICE! That's an amazing picture of the bushes with ice on them. And last...although I'm enjoying my CA sun, I wouldn't mind a "snow day" to just stay home with my cuties and relax. Sounds like you enjoyed yours! =)

  6. Jolie in Salt was my go-ahead to revive the french braid style again (just looser than before)--looks great on you! Mom says it's gonna be in the 40's next wk, so just a little longer and we'll have some sunshine--yippee!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, you are so so pretty Kristina. I adore your beautiful hair today! And your whole outfit as well -- the pattern on that dress is incredible and so lovely paired with gray. And lol, if it makes you feel better, I also live near Tien but have so not had the opportunity to frolic on a beach lately ;)

  8. Hehehe. Hey, at least you got to play video games! - now that must have been fun no?
    You look gorgeous Kristina. I wish i could do a french braid like that. But everytime i try, it goes all wonky. My hair is polka straight and has no staying power.

  9. Jan--Wish our kiddos could play in the snow together. That might make it almost worth it!

    Dea--Thank you for the compliments

    Tien--I think most women in America want your hair...=)

    Kelly--Wanna HomeAway trade for a few days?

    Jenni--Did you really say sunshine? What is THAT? heheheh....

    Dami--Are you serious? It might be in the 40's next week. That would be awesome!

    Anjali--The print's great, no? Why doesn't gap sell stuff like this anymore? and it sorta does make me feel better that you haven't been to the beach recently...=)

    Jen--The down-side to frizzy hair is that it has a bit too much staying power, even when you don't like the style.

  10. Hi Kristina,
    I really enjoy your blog. You are so pretty and have great taste and style!
    Do you take your own pictures?

  11. I get ya...OVER the cold and nasty weather!! Hopefully the 40's really will come this next week and we can all experience some much needed sunshine!! :)

  12. Love the last two photos so much. This dress of yours is so so so lovely. I wore my hair in a French Braid all last week!! They're not worn too often these days. I remember when they were so huge in the early 90s.

  13. That dress is lovely and love those shoes too! I wish my hair was long enough to french braid. it looks very pretty.

  14. Love the outfit :) I am obsessed with floral prints lately, and that dress is adorable.

  15. pretty pretty pictures. I wish I had your hair. Mine is stick straight and I just wish I had some body to it, oh well. Thanks for sharing

  16. Hello there! Thank for dropping by my papercraft blog - I tend to use my other blog more, so it was a lovely surprise to find a new follower and such a generous comment....you have such a wonderful sense of style, I will certainly be looking to you for fashion advice. xxxxMiss Prudence

  17. Gloria--My five year old son takes most my pictures unless otherwise stated. I don't even own a tripod, so it's up to the kiddos!

    Victoria--I know, right? Braided hair all the time in highschool in the 90's was the only way ta go.

  18. Beautiful photography and love the look of the braid paired with the clothes. I always wished that I had learned to braid my hair. It always looks terrible when I do it!!



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