Collection: The Mandy

Sunday, March 27, 2011

--A Collection by Kristina J.--

Let me introduce you to The Mandy--
the Jacki-O of the clan.
The girl that wears this dress is immaculate: perfection--not a hair out of place.
You know who she is, we all do...
She's the one wearing Ralph Lauren blazers and Penny-Loafer pumps.
The one who can emerge from a wind-storm lookin' like a million bucks.

When you're with this girl, you always get the sense
that no matter how far you reach, she'll always be just a little beyond you...
not because she's snobby, but because she walks through every situation
with an air of calm and confidence.

Like lace, she's delicate.
Like taffeta, she's tough.
One only has to peer beneath the glossy surface to the
soft heart inside to realize she's a girl you can spill your guts out to.
It's imperceptible at first glance, but once beyond that smooth surface,
the empathy in her eyes makes you realize she's
been de-constructed around the edges a time or two herself--
and the unravelled threads just add to her overall beauty.

The Mandy is equal parts old-school and modern flare.
Her elements of crafter's lace and satin ribbon are a
throwback to a long-forgotten Victorian era.
But her presentation is a modern girl's dream--
her lines are simple, her silhouette clean.
She keeps things in a well-outlined parameter,
but doesn't forsake the feminine details.

Photos courtesy of LookNook

A tutorial on how to make the ribbon flower embellishment is here.

The Mandy Dress--
It's high class and sophistication.
You put it on and are taken back to the feelings you had
as a child when trying on your mother's heels.
You're reminded of the pride you felt when looking in the mirror at your new, taller image,
and instinctively you know, this is the dress that will take you from girl to lady.


  1. Mandy-it's a pleasure to meet you!

    What a gorgeous dress! Your talent amazes me. Wow! The lace is just so pretty and I love the slight flair on the skirt of the dress. This is just the perfect silhouette for a woman. Well done!

  2. I'm so impressed that you made this are very talented. I love the lace.

  3. So beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest of the collection!

  4. love the deconstructed lace edge, and the lining is beautifully done!

  5. You are so talented Kristina - this dress is gorgeous and oozes so much class. I can't wait to see more!

  6. I'm totally in love!!
    Congratulations on the collection. This dress is absolutely lovely.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  7. What a gorgeous dress! I'm so excited for your collection! Are you actually selling items yet????
    I need this dress!

  8. Ur amazin Kristina! Love it.... Xx Mary

  9. OK - the inside of your dress is as pretty and finished as the outside! Super love it - and the description - you are so creative. Where's the line to get one of these beauties?? Can't wait until you are selling them!

  10. I love this dress! I can't believe you made it! I can't wait to see the rest of your collection!

  11. What a gorgeous dress! Beyond WOW and perfection~
    I truly am amazed at your talents!

  12. So pretty! I love all the details. You are amazing!

  13. Beautiful. And so well made. I love it.

  14. Kristina this dress is amazing! When are you going to start selling, because I'll be first in line lady!

  15. I love this dress(!)- the fit, the length, the shape, the lace, the details.

  16. Stunning. I can't wait to see more!!!

  17. so glad you found me! Gorgeous dress! and adorable blog! I need some curly hair tips from you! Your hair looks so cute in all your pics! I only know how to throw my curls into a bun, therefore I straighten it all the time which I loathe!

  18. Wow, such talent. Beautiful dress and the photos are gorgeous. I miss Indy!

  19. Incredible. Please tell me you are setting up shop somewhere.
    Thirteen Pounds

  20. Kristina-thanks so much for stopping by my blog and looking at my etsy shop. I love your dress, it's beautiful. One day I hope to learn how to sew, but I can't imagine knowing how to make beautiful dresses like the one you made.

  21. This is such a gorgeous dress, and I can tell from your vignette that it was inspired by a truly amazing woman. I can't wait to see what else is in store for this collection! Black and white has such a classic appeal. I am quite certain I will be awed and in love with every one of your designs!

  22. Beautiful. Simply beautiful - inside and out. Both the garment and it's designer. Looking forward to being able to purchase some of your designs. This is first on my list. :)

  23. Lovely! I am following your blog ^^

    Thanks for your comment! What is "mileage"? I tried my dictionary but that said something about miles and I don't think that you were trying to say something about miles!

  24. That is a gorgeous dress! I love the lace.

  25. so pretty! I need this dress for an upcoming wedding in my would be perfect!

  26. That's a really lovely, classic dress you've made there! It could be worn in so many different ways. I would love to see it with bright red heels and lipstick!


  27. I absolutely love this dress. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your cloths are beautiful. I wish I was as good as you in sewing. When I was young my mother was a seamstress and I picked up a lot from her, but I haven't ever been very good at making clothing. Looks like I will have to give it a go soon.

  28. This is so beautiful!!!

  29. This dress is beautiful. You are very talented. I would love for you to share your talents at my Fantastic Friday link party.

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