Wearing: Triple Buckle Belt

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"I am sick of four walls and a ceiling.
I have need of the sky,
I have business with the grass."
Richard Hovey

Good evening, mah dears!
Finally, some pictures that don't include snow...
I might be imagining it, but it seems we all breathe deeper and
laugh easier the minute we cross the threshold from winter into spring.
After months of hibernating, I always anticipate the change of the seasons and
long to escape the confinement that is both physical and mental.

Part of the lure of the outdoors is that it represents so many things that the indoors does not:
pure freedom, a lack of restrictions, unlimited possibilities, and the space to dream and play.
Perhaps that's why I'm so often telling my children to "go play outside,"
because nature fosters exactly the qualities I want to nurture in them.

(LOFT blazer, Anthropologie Triple Buckle Belt, Target Merona tee, KristinaJ. Sedona skirt, Rampage oxfords)

Photos courtesy of LookNook

Thanks for being so patient with me during the time I've been absent
from the blogosphere...I've missed the interaction with all of you beautiful people,
and can't wait to show you what I've been up to--can't wait to see what you've been up to either!

The past two weeks have been a time of purging and cleansing for me...
a time to finally get an overload of information and inspiration trapped inside my head
out into a form that is visible, and I'm beyond excited to share these things with you.
Nothing changes your outlook like a couple weeks of solitude and silence.
So, here's to spring...to new beginnings and fresh perspectives.

I'm overwhelmed with the excitement one feels when setting off on a new quest.
Great possibilities lie in the pathways just beyond...
a new source of delight awaits discovery around the next bend and I
can't wait to see the freshness that comes next!

Much love, as always.


  1. You look so cute and classy in this look...love the stripes! Can't wait to hear about all the fun things you're working on! =)

  2. Gr8 shots Kristina, u look gorgy...=) we had sunshine here 2, I'm ready 4 spring, yay....=)
    xx Mary

  3. Love this nostalic-looking shoot. How on earth did you get the couch by the lake? That is amazing!
    Looking forward to seeing this new project of yours.

  4. very pretty outfit! Here is to those fresh ideas and new perspectives!

  5. You look terrific! I have that belt in brown and it is a true staple! Aahhhh Spring....I'm ready!!!

  6. Love the outfit! I'm excited to read about your new adventures.
    I agree, Spring is amazing.

  7. I really like the contrast of the bright skirt against the other neutrals. It's so fresh and fun! And the excerpt you've quoted is lovely -- very Walt Whitman-esque.

  8. Kristina, you look so lovely here! And how on earth did you get that chair out by the water like that?

  9. Ladies, I had some very good friends who carted that chair out onto the river bank for me!!! Much love to them!

  10. What a lovely outfit! Love the oxford shoes :)

  11. Your shoes are gorgeous! Very cool pictures too:)


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