Ballet Bun Tutorial

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I never imagined I might be
doing a hair tutorial on this blog,
but after having my e-mail and Facebook inbox
flooded with questions about how I pull off this hair style,
I decided the most convenient way to tell
you would be to address it in a post.

The thing you need to know is that
my hair pretty much has the consistency of straw...
I bend it and it stays....literally...
so if your hair is amazingly silky and straight,
this particular version might not actually work for you.
Just sayin'.

Artwork courtesy of Derek Walker...artist extraordinaire.
Step 1: Start with not-so-clean hair...hehe...
This is usually a three-days-after-hair-wash-do for me...
so now you know that dirty little secret.
My hair is just too thick and curly to contain otherwise.

Step 2: Pull your hair up into a (really) high ponytail.
If you don't get it high enough, it'll just look like any
other bun on the back of your head.
The point of a ballet bun is for it to be on top of your head.
Step 3: Split your ponytail in half, left and right.

Step 4: Twist the right section just a little and twirl it down
and around to the top to form the bottom of your bun. Pin.
Step 5: Twist the left section and up and around
to the bottom to form top of bun. Pin.
Step 6: Add more pins to secure. Done.

(J.Crew scarf and tuxedo t, LOFT jacket, BR denim skirt)

Hope all you darlings have a fantabulous weekend!


  1. Maybe you should do a post on hair more often, only different styles. There doesn't seem to be much out there for long styles, unless you cut your hair.
    J. Atnip

  2. Love that Jcrew shirt! I ALMOST bought it a few times but was waiting for another markdown. It's SO cute on you Kristina! Wish I had your hair!

  3. I'm with Peggy. You have great hair texture. I bet you try so many different styles.


  4. Fantastic post! I will definitely be bookmarking this and using as my hair grows out and goes through those funky phases.

  5. It's so nice to see a hair tutorial for curls :) If you haven't tried 'Spin Pins' for buns yet, you should- so amazing for thick curls!

  6. haha, so I should not wash my hair tomorrow and attempt this style :) hehe.

    Great tutorial and will definitely be trying it out.

    Talitha xx

  7. Oh, this is a nice tutorial and I love the illustrations. Your top is so cute too.

  8. Great tutorial. The picture/drawing thing looks so good.
    I just love dropping by to see what you've come up with every time.

  9. Love your scarf and this blouse!! You have beautiful hair...had you not told us it felt like straw we would have never known! :) hahaha

  10. Claire's also makes a piece called a hair doughnut that works for extremely slippery hair like mine. I hope that's helpful!

  11. THANK YOU for sharing that hair tutorial! I just recently discovered your blog and I am amazed at your creative style- LUV it! I also have naturally curly (straw like) hair so I can totally relate! ;)

    Your hair looks great in all of your posts so I'd love it if you'd share more styling tutorials/tips/tricks with us AND share your favorite styling products {hint, hint!}!! =P You have my "dream" hair!

    Oh, and not to mention that we share a love for J.Crew as well! So glad I found your blog!!

    Thanks again!

  12. Ha! I have straw hair too. Thank you for the great tutorial and the fabulous illustrations. You are so talented. I am curious to know what products you use on your hair. Mine is very similar to yours in length, texture and curl. If I don't get the product cocktail right, I end up looking like a Christmas tree.

  13. thanks for the encouraging comment on my headband blog!

  14. Cute pictures and tutorial and love the drawings but as a prof dancer (and Anthro lover, noticed your blog link), "the point of a ballet bun is for it to be on top of your head" um no. If we went on stage like that we would look ridiculous. Our traditional buns are on the back of our heads. Different ballets can for different hair styles but certainly none have a bun on top of our heads! :) Many 20th and 21st century ballets have other styles than a different updo eg a french twist but if it is a traditional bun it is in the back as we could not place the head pieces we often wear with what you are calling a "ballet bun". Unless of course you are referring to buns for 5 year olds, not professional dancers, in which cases it doesn't really matter! :)

  15. LOVE it. I need about 10 times more hair to make it look any good, but I love the illustrated tutorial!


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