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Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Evening, may dears!
As promised, I listed some of my collection on eBay
(at the disbelief of my mother, I might add, who called and said,
"What? No way? You absolutely CANNOT sell those dresses!")
But the thing is, I don't really need more clothes, I just really like building them,
so if you want a chance at these particular dresses, click on the link under
the pictures to get to each listing.

I'm not really looking to make money on these.
I started the price out at what it cost me to make them,
so I can turn the money back into more fabric for more new dresses for more
fabric for more new dresses for more fabric, get the picture.
I've already started collecting the most
brilliant fabrics for my next collection to
arrive on the blog hopefully by the mid-June or so....super excited!

Thanks to all of you for the enthusiastic response and e-mail/FB love.
I wish I could provide you all with a new wardrobe each season...
Aahhh...wouldn't that be fun?

(Oh, and for the general eBay public, the listing says I don't accept returns,
but for you, the most awesome readers ever...
if you win a dress that just doesn't work for you,
of course, you can return it, and I'll contact the next highest bidder.)

G'night...and much always...xoxo, KristinaJ.


  1. I actually agree with your least for the moment! I see these in exclusive shops in NYC!!!! You need to save your collection and show it to someone!!!!! I know someone(s) would want your designs in their stores!!!!


  2. I agree w/anonymous...
    You have such amazing talent. You have yet to be discovered, but it is coming! Best of luck!

  3. Kristina,
    I love the dresses! The Holly is my favorite!! On a clothes shopping fast. Darn. But, I will surely refer my friends. So beautiful!

  4. Oh, I want every one of those dresses! But, alas, I am much fit into any of them. Your designs are so gorgeous. Sigh.

  5. If I were small enough to fit into your dresses, I'd definitely be taking a look. Good luck selling your designs, they're gorgeous and you deserve a wide audience for them!

  6. if i was a size 2 and not size 8, i would TOTALLY be bidding on these!

  7. Kristina - These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your designs. This is beautiful lovely and artistic work.
    Sarah Kate

  8. I want the holly. But alas as you know I am the jolly green giant and anything that fits you would not fit on my foot. :)

  9. Thanks so much for selling some of your collection! I'm so excited to have purchased one of your pieces!!! Now can't wait til next fall to wear it ;)

  10. breathtakingly beautiful...your collection is simply exsquisite! & the way you described a couple of them -- you completely captured to a T the people that inspired them! love, Love, LOVE!!!


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