Wearing: Maxi

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Aahh...the maxi.
I thrifted this navy, Karen Kane skirt at the local mission
a few weeks ago and I'm sure it was the
best that Macy's had to offer in 1993. =)
These skirts are just all over the place again
and that really makes me wish I'd
saved the nine other maxi skirts
I owned when I was 14!

(Thrifted maxi skirt, LOFT blouse and scarf, Crown Vintage oxfords, Nine & Co. bag, UO leather belt, Anthro umbrella)

My family and I enjoyed an amazing
Easter weekend...in spite of the rain.
No matter how much I think about it,
I'm always overwhelmed at
the price Christ paid so that I
could stand before Him completely
blameless and fully pleasing.
What a challenge...living my life
with such gratitude to God
for His astounding love.


  1. Kristina!!! I haven't been here 4 a while, u look adorable as always, wonderful outfits n lovely photos...=) I hope u had a gr8 Easter...=D xx

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Hooray for Easter!!

  3. I just have to say...you have beautiful eyes. Love the reference to the 90s...if only then I would have savored finding treasures from thrift stores instead of dreading that my Mom made me look there first to see if we could find anything. Love a good bargain and it looks like you found a good one here.

  4. You look lovely, Kris! And we had a lovely Easter too, despite the rain as well. Okay, so it wasn't really rain. Just a drizzle. In southern California, that counts as rain. ^_-

  5. Oh, you look so great in the Maxi skirt! I've been wanting to try one on and see if I like them...you make it look so effortless! Hope you had a great day!

  6. Leah, I felt the same way back then...I still don't thrift much, but everyone in a while I'll ramble through one and I always buy something!

    Carol--I'll take your drizzle anyday! It's pouring here every single day...thunderstorms!

    Jenni--you must try one...so liberating!

  7. I've been hesitant to embrace the maxi skirt trend since I just got on board with the maxi dress, but you've won me over. I am totally going to fold down my
    Black maxi dress to make a similar skirt and steal your idea!

  8. Lovely outfit. I'm enjoying seeing everyone in their maxi skirts. I especially love the scarf up around you neck. It does amazing things for your eyes and skin. Happy Easter!

  9. I am glad to hear that you had a good Easter weekend :)
    I can't believe that you could find such a gorgeous skirt in the thrift store! Nice! I should check out my neighbor thrift store, too.

  10. I love that scarf and maxi skirt combo! Adorable umbrella!

  11. Happy Easter Kristina! It didn't rain, but I do wish the trees were in bloom and the grass was green like in these photos. You look so pretty! Pretty in Pink :)

  12. What a lovely outfit. Don't you love a great thrift find from years ago that works today? :) Happy Easter.

  13. I love how you softened the harsh black maxi with the flowy shapes and pastel floral colors. Plus you just take the most beautiful pics!

  14. looks fantastic! I'm new to your blog and it's adorable :)


  15. This looks so fresh and pretty and breezy! You are beautiful!!

  16. Hey thanks for your comment! I LOVE your curly hair!! You are so pretty! My hair used to curl like that but I think so much straightening has ruined it! : /

  17. oh my goodness! i just found your blog and i've been stalking it for the last... i'm embarrassed to say how long... LOVE it! i love your style, you're adorable! love, love, love!! newest follower!



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