Wearing: Rainy Day Layers

Monday, June 20, 2011

Honestly, all I wanted was to run all my errands and melt into the corner of my couch with a big cup of hot chocolate. It's so cold and rainy this summer that a girl's got to be extra creative with her wardrobe, 'cuz even I'm not gonna run around in the pouring rain wearing a silk dress and heels. Shocker, I know. Besides, with my frizzy hair, there's just no good solution for a rainy day.

(Gap dress, J.Crew paisley shirt, Walmart chambray shirt, LOFT blazer,
American Eagle belt, Charlotte Russe fedora, Steve Madden sandals)

Even the rain can't dampen my enthusiasm, however. I've been working on something really important to me for several months now, and have only really hinted at what's going on here at Kristina J., although if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I'm sure you've probably already guessed. Some things just aren't concrete enough to talk about until they reach a certain stage, and I had to make sure I had the guts to see this project through. On Wednesday, I'm finally gonna spill the beans here on zee blog! Can't wait to hear what you think! Until then, hope everyone has a beautifully delicious week...


  1. a real rainy "lady",simply but glam

  2. Three shirts over a teeshirt instead of one heavy looking jacket? Terrific idea!
    I dread having to wear a jacket in the summer as I have enough of the "outer layers" during the winter...but three complimentary shirts to peel off as necessary?

    Love the outfit. The colors look just right for a rainy day without being dreary!

    I'm particularly taken with your hat. There is one thing worse than full curls on your head in the damp weather, and that's my flat fine hair.
    Would it help you to celebrate you "crowning glory" to know that I envy you?

  3. Love how this outfit is casual, but chic...:) cute hat, I love hats...:D xxxx

  4. I like the buttondowns as layers. A lot.

  5. Now I can't wait till Wednesday.....

  6. Love the layering today, colors and patterns. Perfect idea for this dreary day. Hope you don't have any flooding over your way!

  7. great layering, and I love the tone of that belt with the olive. sweet.

    I can't wait to hear your news!

  8. HA! I think you look adorable as always:)

  9. rain during Summer?! That's not nice! :(

    Well, atleast you get to dress comfortable and cute! <3

    Love this outfit of yours. I like how you style the layers on.

    xoxo, Bree


  10. Gorgeous I love the look of layering and am impressed by how great this looks. All 3 open button downs look great together;)

    Many Layers Monday

  11. Wow all those shirts look so great layered! I'm really inspired now!


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