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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good evening, readers! As promised you all when I first told you about my upcoming book release, I've included a small excerpt from the first chapter of the book in this post. The process of publishing a book has seemed overwhelming and invasive some days and the publicity has been more involved than I would have ever imagined, but the anticipation of holding something so tangible in my hands keeps me strong.

(Sundance Chiffon dress, Claire's hemp belt, Nine West Wedges, AE watch)

The evening was filled with a million happy moments.
My parents and Nathaniel, along with my boyfriend, Scott, and I, had just finished eating out at a family-style restaurant and were headed home. The brilliant rays of the late evening sun were intense, whitewashing the colors as they poured through the window into the backseat of my father's car. The smell of boxed fried chicken lingered in the air and the conversation assumed the lazy tempo that often accompanies a satisfying meal. In a moment that seems suspended in time, my brother looked at me with eyes as wide and clear as the Texas sky--that oh, so familiar grin cutting a crooked line across his face.
"All I know, Kristina, is that I'd better die before you do, 'cuz I could never live without you", he said, matter-of-factly.
Some moments take your breath away, while others are so pure and beautiful in their simplicity, you don't recognize their significance until later. I will never know if my strong, strapping eighteen-year-old brother felt any insecurity in saying those words to me.
What matters most now, is that he said them.

--Excerpt from After Nathaniel


  1. Ok...I am jealous of all the places you have for photography! :) Your dresses are cute, too.

  2. Beautiful..... This makes me want to wake up my family and tell them that I love them. Just so they know. Love you, girlie...

  3. What a beautiful excerpt. Looking forward to reading more. Beautiful dress, as always.

  4. SUCH a pretty dress and that hemp belt is perfect with it! Loving your blog and your style! Would you like to follow each other?


  5. oh my goodness, you made tears well up in my eyes. because of how sweet those words were! it makes you want to spend time with all your loved ones, because you never know when they could leave you!

  6. What a gorgeous dress! I can't wait to hear more about your book. Congrats on getting it published!

  7. Your book sounds so touching. I would love to read more. And as always, you are adorbs! Love that belt!

  8. gorgeous floral dress.

    I love reading your work.

  9. Tears! How touching...

  10. You are a wonderful writer!


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