Wearing: Pinstripe and Floral...Again

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life is good, no?
Soon the leaves will explode in a rainbow of gold and red. Starbucks has re-introduced their holiday themed drinks...every morning I walk out the door to be greeted by the crisp, clear sky of an autumn day.
When did this amazing life I live become mine?  I have been sought after and redeemed by Christ. My parents are king and queen of their realm who, in being themselves taught me, their careful observer, to be myself. My husband is prince charming who teaches me to love with both my heart and my body. My children are warriors and scholars and princesses...my small house, a palace.  Our home is filled with peace and love and no teeny amount of play-doh.

Kenzie hugged my tummy today and said, "You're so squishy, Momma." 
(Good to know all those ab-tightening routines have been so effective.)
Aahh...the intangibles of life--being so surrounded by refreshing honesty and childlike wonder.
Life is good, no?

Dress: Sundance--similar here and here   
Blazer: LOFT--similar   
T-Straps: Anthropologie Rensselaer--similar
Belt: Anthropologie Balmy  
Watch: AE triple wrap  
Bag: Simply Vera


  1. This made me smile so big! Also, your outfit is gorgeous, as usual.

  2. aw, wonderful! Sometimes it's just the little, beautiful things that pull everything back into cristalline clarity. Thanks!

  3. Yes, life is good!

    Love your outfit and great big smile!

  4. Thanks for inspiring me! I found a great trench coat at good will yesterday and I'm in the process of revamping my wardrobe a little bit, trying to get out of the messy bun and jeans habit. You are beautiful!

  5. What a great, great look. Love it.

  6. Gorgeous outfit! LOL at the "squishy" comment (you know you are not squishy at all).
    Sometimes we really do have to take a step back and realize all of our blessings!!

  7. Thank you for sharing your thoughts of gratitude with us. Being comfortable in your own skin is a wonderful thing, and it takes many women years to feel that way. How fortunate that you have learned to feel happy being you at such a young age! True joy comes from Christ, not our circumstances, doesn't it?


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