Wearing: Pink + Green

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Top:  Anthropologie Four Petal
Skirt:  J.CREW
Bag:  FOSSIL Maddox
Pumps:  Seychelles Hambrug
Watch:  AE
how to wear cute modest outfits

I recently read that a girl's shoes and purse should never match (not to mention a skirt, as well), so please...
ex-squeeze me for breaking the fashion rules today. Apparently, I was in to much of a fog when I got dressed to imagine yet another color thrown into the outfit. Sometimes, a girl is forced to match for lack of another pair of shoes in her closet. You understand, I'm sure...


  1. Meh, I dont like following those silly rules anyways. I think this outfit looks great!! Very beautiful, and your hair is lovely too.

  2. You look gorgeous - LOVE these pieces and colors together! And I think it's silly to make a blanket statement about shoes and bags matching - if it works, it works - and your shoes and that bag are fabulous together!

  3. This look is stunning!! Forget rules when you look that good.
    I guess I'm a #1 rule breaker because those are the two pieces I love to match the most. They usually bring the outfit together (^_^)

  4. beautiful! love the different shades of green.

  5. I LOVE that you used different shades of green. You look beautiful like always!!

  6. Love this jacket. Down East Basics is even coming out with their version of this...so cute! You look so classy and sophisticated in this outfit :)

  7. Thanks for rocking your gorgeous curly hair! You're an inspiration to curly girls everywhere.

  8. Who comes up with these rules anyway? You look lovely even with shoes that match your purse.


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