Wearing: Firmoo Geek Glasses

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I've always told Studhubs that I love geek and he asks,
What does that say about me?" 
And I always respond, 
Well, honey--you've got me for life.  Does it need to say more? 
(Actually, I'm not nearly that self-possessed or confident, but that's why it's so funny). Ha.

If you...and by you, I mean me...have always loved geek, then these glasses are remarkably on point for you. And by you, I again mean me, of course... 
The only disappointment I ever had about having laser surgery was that I couldn't wear my cool frames, which always made me feel much more brilliant than I actually am. So when Firmoo contacted me about choosing a pair from their massive site (and I mean, lots of choices, people), I was thrilled. I just uploaded my picture to try on each pair virtually and!...perfect fit. I can finally look smart again. No, no...thank YOU, Firmoo.

You can get tons of information about Firmoo eyeglasses here


  1. You look so great with those glasses!

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  2. I love the details in the glasses! And they suit you well!


  3. I love tortoise shell glasses. It is what I wanted but my head is too small for the ones they had (that and my pd is too low). Firmoo rocks. Love them.

  4. Firmoo just contacted me about doing a promotion with them. I had never heard of them before, but as a 4-eyed girl, but after seeing your post I think I'm going to get on board - they're so cute!

  5. I love those glasses. They are really cute

  6. Yes, yes and YES. These tick all the boxes. :)
    You look great. I don't wear glasses yet, but I have a feeling that that day might not be too far away... I might have to look into it. Thanks K!
    Sheree x0x


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