Wearing: Gingham + Mint Denim

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

J.Crew skirt | Land's End Canvas Shirt | Steve Madden flats | FOSSIL bag | AE watch

It's over. I've made the jump. I'm all spring colors and light-weight fabrics--no matter the temperature. There's only so much room in a girl's wardrobe for the winter and summer clothes to co-exist (especially the 2x5 hole I call a closet).
Out with the old, in with the new. Actually it's probably more like what's old is new again, considering I got my inspiration for this color combination from a photo of one of my mom's full-on flower-power dresses. But who cares where the freshness comes from if it's crazy awesome? Just sayin'...


  1. Fun unexpected color combo that just some shouts out "spring!"

  2. So jealous that you got that charteuse gingham shirt from Canvas.

  3. Lovely- I am wishing I had invested in a mint denim pencil skirt- so cute with that shade of gingham! Love the coordination with that sign- very chic photo!

  4. Unexpected combo! First I thought the colors don't do well together, but after a few seconds I liked the outfit a lot! :)

  5. Unfortunately it is Winter here, so no more Spring colours! But love your outfit.

    I have a clothing giveaway on my blog, would love if you could stop by :)


    Talitha xx

  6. very spring-esq lovely colours/combo

  7. GORGEOUS!!!!!
    Love the colors!

  8. The colors work with your hair so well! Very inspiring. I'm a curly-girl too and I hope you consider doing a post about your hair at some point :)

  9. Love the color combos! I hope you don't mind I linked to you on my blog, www.nathanandcharity.blogspot.com- enjoy your chic modesty and your articles in TLC.


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