A To-Do List for Christmas Week

Monday, December 23, 2013

J.Crew Pencil skirt | GAP sweater and shirt  | H/M coat  | Target bag  | Fossil Monica Pumps 

--sleep in
--play chess with my son
--enjoy a big fat meal or a few :)
--lots of snuggles with the fam
--go ice-skating
--catch up on DIY refashioning
--worship my Savior
--have a cup of coffee with best friends
--have a holly jolly Christmas!

What about you? Any must-do's for the holidays? I wish you the very best and brightest of Christmas time!

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  1. Sounds SO good, Kristina! I wish only the best for you and yours, have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

    P.S. I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. I love this list!! Hope your Christmas is magical and full of family and fun! Merry Christmas to you!
    xoxo, Jenni

  3. Were you able to get the list done?
    You look wonderful in this outfit.

  4. I wish you lots of repeats on the snuggles and tasty meals front! I had tons of things to finish leading up to christmas, so now I really am doing nothing!!!

  5. Love this outfit! Hope your holiday was happy!!

  6. Kristina? Where are you? It has been 5 weeks since you last posted. (My blog keeps track of this.)
    I hope all is well.
    You have inspired me to "not give up" on my dream... that I can re-fashion my wardrobe to be "unique and one-of -a kind" without looking homespun. lol
    I bought your book.
    LOVE IT!
    have it , and your blog- posted on my side bar. www.swirlsewsimple.blogspot.com
    Stop by and visit- if you have the chance.


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