Wearing: Pony Prix

Friday, November 5, 2010

(Anthro Circle the Globe Skirt and Pony Prix tights, AE plaid shirt, Gap cardi, Target stud belt, Mia Cadet Bootie)

It's the small moments when relationships blossom.
Nothing else matters for me but being present--
physically and emotionally for these
miniature people that rely so heavily on me.

I don't ever want to be the mother that assumes
my children know how I feel about them.
I have to tell them. I'm compelled to.
Because one day, they just might not be around to hear.

No regrets.

When I stand over my dead brother's headstone,
I have no regrets.
The love we had for each other was not just implied,
but consistently declared.
There was nothing I felt for him, he didn't know.
Nothing he felt for me that was left unspoken.
There was never a moment's doubt in any situation.
He had my back, and I had his;
until the day came when he simply didn't.

So, I'm going to tell my family how much I love them today,
knowing today is all I'm really guaranteed.

No regrets.


  1. Umm...Kristina, can this post be any cuter and sweeter?? Omg, these photos are incredibly beautiful and capture the love you have for your baby! The only thing that would literally melt my heart even more is if you told me that your little son took these shots! Beautiful photos :-)

  2. What wonderfully sweet photos of you and your adorable daughter! Those tights are too cute! Your family is blessed to know they are loved beyond measure!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kristina! I'm also glad to hear about your stand on modesty! I really think that if women really understood the meaning and the effect of their clothing on men, they would perhaps be less selfish and be more sensitive and loving to them by helping them avoid temptation. I've really just started to learn that implication when I got married, but I wish that I did too when I was single.

    You have such a beautiful child! These shots look wonderful and so happy with your outfits! Thanks for sharing what you actively do with your family. I was just listening to my mother-in-law talk with my husband about how parents don't really appreciate their children as much as grandparents appreciate their grandkids because parents have a lot in their minds. My husband and I are choosing to commit expressing our interest to our children because relationships are so much more important than our daily work.

  4. This is such a sweet post! Your daughter is precious and these pictures of you two are beautiful. :-)

  5. what great thoughts Kristina! So true. It feels good to live with no regrets. You and your little girl are a super cute pair!

  6. What beautful pictures and such a beautiful sentiment behind it. It's so important to tell those around you how much they mean to you and are loved. Because one day you may not get that chance and you don't want that regret. You already know this, as do I. I'm glad you're reminding others.

  7. Kristina,

    Your family is just as gorgeous as you. What beautiful photos. I missed out on the Field Games Cardi. I didn't think it would look good on me. But it seems to suit everyone in such a rainbow of feminine colors.

    I have the same question as Jen. Did your 4 year old get hold of the camera again?

    Are you finding your Pony Prix tights to be very versatile? I am still waiting on Anthro to send me a replacement pair.

    Your words are both joyous and sad!


  8. your outfits are always so sassy!

  9. These are great photos. Does your daughter like being on the fashion blog? I bet she'll always remember taking these! Love your tights too!

  10. Aww! These pics are so cute with your daughter! lol, I think I would have loved laying in wood shavings and leaves with my mom too when I was that age (but my mom would never have done that, lol!)


  11. OH MY GOODNESS these pictures are so adorable, as you probably already know by the commenter above.. but hey, it's true, yeah? :D Your cardigan is super cute. <3

  12. So cute! Your adorable daughter is as fashionable as you. I wouldn't expect anything less! I love the tights and the pattern mix! You look great!

  13. Jen--I was thinking you'd make the pic a LOT cuter!
    Jan--Really we must meet. Do we live near each other?
    Actually, I'd really just like to meet all of you...thanks for the sweetness here!

  14. These photos are so perfect! You are beautiful and have such a lovely little girl. It's easy to see good fashion sense runs in the family. Hehe. I love both your outfits. :)

  15. I cant stop looking at these, just beautiful

  16. my friend just told me she wants those tights!

    these photos are so, so, so gorgeous!

  17. Wow...this is such an amazing post. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Wow! Love your sentiments in this post!!! Felt like I was reading straight from my own heart!! Beautiful pics! Beautiful daughter, beautiful moment!


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