Wearing: Shabby Apple

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

(Shabby Apple Dress, Nine West Almund Oxfords)

(babyGap Bleeker Street, Converse sneakers, J.Crew headband)

I'm the girl who get depressed just thinking about all the cool people in the world I will never meet. It's like I can sense all these amazing ideas and inspiring personalities floating away from me to a place I can never follow.
I talk to the most remarkable people on a daily basis...at the park...in Starbucks, and sometimes, I feel I love too freely, giving myself so completely to life and the people surrounding me.

I see you and want to meet you.
You speak to me once and I'm sold on you.
You speak to me twice and you've earned a place in my heart.
You smile at me and you have a friend for life...
...that's just how it is.

But how much can I love without losing little pieces of myself along the way?
What happens when life takes you to another corner of the world, and I'm left with a YOU-shaped hole in my heart? How can I ever move on from you?

For me, love is not a noun...it has always been a verb.
Because it seems that true life and real relationships happen in the loving...
in the simple and selfless acts of putting others before myself.
It's the loving that makes me real.

So, even if the time comes when you must float out of my life, I will keep loving...
in spite the risk of losing and missing.
Because without the loving, what else is there?

Photos courtesy of Julie Sproles


  1. I love these pics! The dress is adorable and I love the shoes!!

    Your kids are so cute! I love the last picture of the feet of you and your daughter.So sweet:D

  2. I LOVE the outfit, and the pictures are darling!

  3. beautiful. the whole post...


  4. i love your oxfords. and the pink balloons!

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  6. What a beautiful post! The words and the photos together tell a powerful story. Just lovely...

  7. What a beautiful post! LOVE it!

  8. Love the photos of you and your children releasing the balloons.

  9. love the pics and the sentiment of your post. You have a kind heart!

  10. I was looking at your blog holding Clayton on my lap and he said, "I want to go to that lady's house to get a balloon!" :-)

  11. you look beautiful! I love this dress for fall/winter because of the amazing grey skirted portion (with fantastic pockets I might add). It also made me exceedingly happy that you dressed your kids up in matching stripes (but not too matchy matchy because they're still in different outfits!). :)


  12. Awesome! Love the outfits! Love the balloons! : ) Might I add, Love you too! JS

  13. Everything about this post is just LOVELY! =)

  14. Beautiful pictures! I love the balloons! You look fantastic and your kids are so precious. :-)

  15. This dress looks beautiful on you, Kristina! Also, so good to hear you are doing better after your surgery. I hadn't heard - so scary!

  16. This was such a sweet post! I want to meet you!!!!

    I love the dress on you. I love more that you and your daughter kind of match! So cute.


  17. I love your dress and shoes! Your kiddies look too cute! Pink balloons are so much fun, too!

  18. I love this post! Your words are powerful... I just told a cousin of mine about your habit of looking great everyday (she hasn't had the privilege of meeting you) - you're an inspiration!

  19. dearly love the shoes!! bought some quite similar about 2 wks ago that I haven't worn yet. I think you've convinced me to keep em!

  20. I can not stop watching this post. And this led me to question, technical question: whether the bottom of this dress is made with tweed or wool? I just bought a beautiful piece of tweed and still had no idea what to do with it, so maybe ... :)
    I will be grateful for your response.


  21. oh, these pics are so cute, love it!

  22. What a beautiful post. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful prose, beautiful photos, beautiful outfit, beautiful lady.

    On a totally silly note, I really love that your pink balloons were tied with black ribbons. Not quite sure why it struck me, but it's very cool.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  23. These photos are a dream! What great inspiration for a fellow style blogger.

  24. oh such beautiful photos!! You have such a lovely and inviting blog :)


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