Wearing: Ballet Bun

Thursday, January 27, 2011

You know that feeling?
The one you get during the last few hours of vacation when you
have just a few hours before boarding a plane back to the real world?
You stand there, toes in the sand...taking in the last light of the day, fighting with every ounce of conscious thought to stay there--to remember the peace of that moment.

I'm in that moment. True, I'm not on vacation.
The bills make a steady stream through my door.
Professional deadlines close in.
Husbie and I haven't had alone time in weeks and
I can't remember the last time I saw sunshine...and yet...in my mind,
I'm standing on that beach, thinking,
"I can't imagine a moment in life more satisfying."

I'm in the middle of something so much bigger than me
that I can't even take it all in...
and while I'm doing this thing that may not impact the world,
just the act of emptying my heart has changed me forever.

I'm not who I used to be...
and that is a very good thing.

See how my nose curves to the right a little bit in this picture?
I broke my nose against a guy's forehead in college playing a pick-up game of basketball.
Yup, that's coordinated me...snapped the tip right off.

(Anthropologie Peppered and Striped skirt and Shine Through button up, J.Crew Merino cardi, UO oxford pumps, Husbie's Unlisted watch, Hue tights)


  1. I love, love, LOVE this outfit!!! Thanks for the inspiration on how to wear my own skirt :)
    Also, can you tell me how you did your hair like that? I'd love to wear mine like that, but I'm a major failure at putting my hair up and having it look neat!

  2. Hey! Sorry I haven't commented in FOREVER! I have a request, the amount and size (in bytes) of your pictures cause it move very slow on my computer. Would it be possible for you to make smaller (in bytes)? I use the paint program to edit them. I only say this because I've been saddened to not be able to comment!
    Very cute outfit! The mix of neautral colors and pop of crazy polka dots is stellar!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Love the outfit!! Super cute! I'm loving the hair too! Do you think you could show how you did it??

  4. OH I love love love love love these!!!!!!!

  5. you look so stinkin cute! Love this outfit :)

  6. i really love every outfit you put together ~ but this is by far my favorite. i wish you could come to my house and pick out a dozen outfits for me. i've read that when you get in a rut, you should invite your a friend to put together outfits by shopping in your closet. i would LOVE to see how you'd work my pieces together!! this is so cute and while i opted not to purchase this skirt, it's given me ideas for similar skirts that i have! ~ susan

  7. love love your outfit!! And your sentiments are lovely, like you!

  8. Your outfit, your pictures, you hair (ahh, show us how!) and YOU are simply beautiful Kristina! Good look with whatever endeavor you are working on :)

  9. Omg, Kristina, this outfit is so amazing. And I really love what you did with your hair - you should wear your hair in a bun more often. You look so graceful!

  10. I loved how you paired the skirt! Im so gutted I didn't get it! I ordered it twice, and twice they canceled my order as it sold out :(

  11. You look so adorable in these pictures! I love the hair, the outfit, the backdrop...everything!

    I just bought those shoes myself earlier in the week and am eagerly awaiting their arrival :)

  12. This really is the most perfect outfit/hair combination. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  13. Girl, you look so skinny in these pictures!! Don't forget to take time to eat in the middle of all of your craziness :) I say that 'cause stress makes me shrink!!

  14. This outfit is adorable. Particularly the shoes. Love.

  15. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE show us how to do the hair!!!! : )

  16. wonderful skirt! great details

  17. What a great outfit! I have that shirt and skirt and wouldn't have thought to put them together but they look so cute paired up. And your hair is beautiful!

  18. Kim--I'm flattered that you think so, being that you're sorta the queen of no-fail all the time. =)

    Natasha--I'm so sorry about that. I'll check into it, but I'm really so bad about the technical stuff. Thanks for letting me know.

    Susan--Come on over and rework my closet. I'm sure I'm missing tons of possibilities! =) That would be fun.

    Peggy--Going back and forth with you is hopefully increasing the loveliness of life. =)

    Anjali--I always look to you before I try any new color combination. You're awesome!

    Jen--I look at your silky, crazy pretty hair and think it's just to die for.

    Helena--That so happened to me too, 'cuz I wanted to get it during the extra %25 off sale. I probably ordered three or four and ended up with only one.

    Sara--Love, love, love these shoes...they're even comfy, if you can imagine that!

    Leah--I so know how that goes...actually, I sometimes go the whole day, fix the kids lunch and realize at supper that I never ate mine!

    Saya-- Thank you.

    Julie--Darling, why don't YOU come on my blog and show us how it's done?

    Rebecca--Thanks, mah dear.

    Debbie--I'm still kinda crazy jealous that you have the berry-stitched boots...SIGH*

  19. Kristina, wow, I adore this outfit! Everything plays so well together, it's just so beautiful!

  20. Your hair is beautiful! Want to know one of my favorite things about your blog, other than the craft talent you have? That you rewear your pieces frequently and always, always in such different ways.

  21. awww your nose is just lovely and so is this outfit!!!

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    The new address is:

  23. Beautiful outfit. I am majorly struggling with how to wear this skirt, so I may take some inspiration from this combo!

  24. Is it a crime of fashion to make your clothes match?

  25. I love this outfit! It is the cutest! I love everything about it! The sweater, the tiny print floral shirt, and the skirt--HOW cute is that! And you...YOU are adorable!

  26. Those shoes are perfect! Do they run true to size? I am going to order them :)

    Great outfit!

  27. This outfit is sheer perfection!! I saw it on Kim's blog and had to compliment you.

    Complex Cardigans


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