Wearing: A Twinkling Dog Trot

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do you have a color combo you always return to?
This is mine--pinks, browns, creams and grays--the colors that evoke a special feeling inside me.
When I think back to the experiences I've had and the places I've visited,
I usually associate these colors with my favorite memories.

The deep pink light of a brilliant sunset falling across the Grand Canyon.
Orange arches at Bryce National Park.
A delicately scrolled conch shell in the Cayman Islands.
The pastel-toned buildings of a busy street in Mexico.
The coral colored sand on Prince Edward Island in Canada.
The gray sky of the Ukrainian countryside.
That perfect neutral color of a wedding dress in a Paris shop window.
The warm invitation of a cup of hot chocolate in my own kitchen.

(Anthropologie In A Twinkling dress, Dog Trot cardi and Lost Glasses tights, J.Crew patent belt, MIA Trainee Booties)

If there are two versions of the same piece,
I always go for the brown or pink-toned version.
Not really sure why.
I should probably branch out a bit, but maybe these are just the colors that suit me--
the ones I feel prettiest in.
If I split my closet into colors, 90% of it would fall into this category.
So, is anyone else's closet as unbalanced as mine?


  1. ha, totally- I always buy the ochre/brown/green/rust version of anything! But then I think that these tones must be just the colours that suit you! I love brown and pink together!

    Oh, and yay to the PEI shout-out! That's my home province and I always spend a couple of blissful weeks there every summer...ah, the beach...

  2. My closet is mostly blue, but there is also a fair bit of pink, yellow/orange and a little bit of brown and green. If there are two colour choices I usually go for the blue :)

    Your dress is yet another swooner (swooning) and I adore your cardigan - such beautiful colours and those dogs couldn't be any cuter :)

  3. Pretty! That cake is making me hungry! My closet is definitely mostly blues and purples. I need to branch out.

  4. so pretty! I may have to combo my lost glasses and white dress!!!
    I love that cardi. They had one with turtles that I really wanted.

  5. Such an unexpected and pretty combo! I wore this cardi too and it's such a unique piece.

  6. I love the feminine direction you took this Grandpa Cardi. The Dark Gray Wool Cardi lends contrast to the Ivory Dress. Along with the narrow Pink Belt that is so feminine and defines your waist perfectly. And I thoroughly enjoyed the colorful eye candy. Your favorite colors are the perfect choices for your feminine style.

  7. I enjoyed reading this! I love the frilly pink heels and that luscious pink frosted chocolate cake! Sweet pictures of you with your children! Lovin' it! I too, am attracted to specific colors. I avoid navy blue(with the exception of jeans!)until the other day. I spotted a pair of navy blue linen pants for summer. I then realized I broke some sort of color barrier! lol What a big step for me. ;) Hey, I've come a long way to even have color in my closet. There was a point where everything I wore was black! John noticed this and said, "You're always in black. Should I be worried?"

  8. Those shoes are gorgeous. Your outfits are so fun!

  9. Love this outfit on ya Kristina, Puppy love...=D

  10. My closet is mostly neutrals. I could definitely stand to branch out. That little dress is too cute.

  11. See, you touch on an important subject--the color palette. I have been thinking lately that I really truly need to start wearing only colors that compliment my skin tone, but I love it all and I can't help myself from wearing whatever suits my mood for the day. It's a good thing that your closet is mostly the same colors!! And now to go eat the Reese cup cheesecake in my fridge...

  12. The colors are lovely on you! I go back to browns and greens over and over, my fave.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Trophies' etsy giveaway

  13. Yep i have colour combos that i am naturally drawn to. Black&White, Navy&white...hmmm...and Red&Navy. I'm a boring person! I'm slowly venturing out to more unusual colour combos (such as my Take Action dress).
    You look so pretty in your grey and pink combo.

  14. I just like wearing yellow best but don't know if I have a combination I prefer at all.
    so yeah because I forgot to post it yesterday because I was barely online, I need to tell you that you are featured as modest inspiration of yesterday (sunday) http://rubyeyedokapi.tumblr.com/ ;)

  15. I always go for black, grey and brown. Sometimes I like to wear purple and pink. I really like whites and creams for anything other than clothes on me. I just feel like because my skin is so pale I'll look like a ghost in white. I'm drolling over that piece of cake and your cardigan. What a perfect winter piece!

  16. I try to take some risks to add some new color into my closet, but somehow I go back to Gray & Black... I guess I should try a little harder to avoid same old stuff...

  17. This outfit is pretty much amazing :) I have all of this stuff in my closet & never thought to put it together! LOVE... ps. I'm a sucker for gray and yellow.

  18. My closet is pretty well-balanced, in terms of colors (I sorta love them ALL), but I do love my browns and pinks. Surprise, surprise!

  19. Love those colors together! Kristina...I have to tell you I love your posts....both the pictures and the words. You have a gift for writing things down in a beautiful way.

    And of course loving that outfit. I have that cardi and never would have paired it with a dress but it looks great!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  20. I love that sweater paired with the light pattern on your dress. Nice photos to go along with it, struck a nice palette of colors and textures.

  21. You inspired me to go out and buy that cardigan off of eBay! Love your outfit!


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