Let's Pretend It's Spring! Finalists

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I go away for a week and look what you all come up with!
I was blown away at all the amazing spring looks you created
and was so inspired I originally had 23 favorite looks here,
but thought I'd better narrow it down to
eliminate mass confusion and frustration
for the actual vote.
Thanks to all of you who participated!

Due to a heavy professional deadline and
working on a tiny, little project that I'm very close
to spilling the beans about (just a couple more weeks!),
I'll be absent another week from blogging...
but in the meantime,
vote for your favorite spring look
created here by your fellow readers
in the box on the sidebar!

The creator of the look with the most votes
wins a $30 gift card from Anthropologie!

I really like that you can start a chilly, spring day
cozy with a cardi, then take it off as the day warms,
and still look interesting with the detailing on this tee and
the pop of color with the shoes.
trisha champion thompson

This looks very classy and professional,
but the shot of color with the coral clip is all fun.
And that trench with this skirt! Sigh...

OK. Seriously.
I want to meet the girl that wears this outfit.
(Or maybe I just want to become her.)
She must be totally fierce!
The statement tee with the dressy skirt and the fedora
made me fall in love with this look.
sweet laundry

The base is completely neutral (which I love the idea of),
but all the additional colors in the accessories take it from
basic to perfectly interesting.

I fell in love with this because pairing black and white with
unexpected pieces like a denim shirt and red shoes is what
makes a girl look inspiring and original
(in my opinion, of course)!


This is perfect for the office,
but pairing teal with pink screams,
"I'm a girly-girl, so hear me roar!"
And the tee gives it a playful vibe.
So pretty...

This look is pure loveliness,
and so interesting with
the hint of teal pumps and pink bag.
Don't know bout you, but I'd def wear this
for a spring date with the husbie!

A no-nonsense, but feminine outfit...I love the mustard color of the cardi
with this skirt and the pop of purple in the shoes.

Can't you just see yourself strolling the
outdoor market in this? So easy, breezy...
Plus, I love the maxi dress...and if the runways are
any indication, it's the direction clothing is
headed for the next year.

LOOK #10
This is monochromatic and pretty,
and I really like how the pumps and the
trench toughen it up a bit.

So, there you have it...
Some new looks and ideas to draw
some inspiration from...
Get your vote on and much love
to you all, as always!


  1. Really cute outfits Kristina, it was 2 hard 2 choose 1 of these...=)

  2. I would happily wear any of these! I thought no.9 was soooo pretty, but had to choose a different one that was more "me" and still so awesome!

  3. These are great looks you picked Kristina, and thanks for including mine - I'm honored to be up there with so many great outfits!!

  4. I was so happy to see one of my 'creations' on your list!! :) All very fun looks.

  5. WOW!!! I can't believe that mine was picked!!! Thank you so much, Kristina!!! All of them are pretty outfit and I am so happy that mine is up with them :)

  6. #9 looks like something I would wear

  7. Oops...sorry! I meant #6. I declare, I think I'm a bit dyslexic at times!

  8. i love look #10. they are all so cute though!


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