Wearing: Kiss At Midnight

Friday, June 24, 2011

(Anthropologie Ardennes skirt, J.Crew Vintage t-shirt, J.Crew Jacki cardi,
Seychelles Kiss At Midnight pumps, Anthropologie Work Weekend bag, American Eagle watch)

I have to live with myself, so I want to be the kind of girl that's great to know.
I want to be able to look myself in the eyes, no matter the situations the passing years might bring. At the end of the day, I don't want to regret the way I've behaved...I want to stand tall, knowing my actions deserve respect--that I'm not all bluff and empty show. I want to be without pretense and bluster...be the same girl when I'm alone as when everything about my actions is seen.

I want to be able to like myself. I don't want it to be said that I never endeavored to learn anything new or that I lived side-by-side with people I never bothered to remember or that I never took time to throw away the hurts. I want to walk undaunted, committed to Christ...to be unafraid to wholeheartedly embrace what makes me unique while being quick to make course corrections.

I may fool everyone around, but I can't hide myself from me.
Of my flaws I am an expert... intimately aware of the things others will never know--when I'm most selfish or distracted. I can see what others may never see. I know all the subtle nuances of my weaknesses...all the rationalizations and cover-ups.

I can't fool myself. I know myself better than anyone, so when I look at the girl in the mirror, I want to know I haven't tried to cheat or disillusion her. I want to know the girl gazing back from the glass is my friend.


  1. Too Cute! I really appreciate and love how modest you always are! It is complete proof that style and fashion can be every bit as beautiful in modest clothing! Thank you for the loads of inspiration and beauty on your blog!

  2. I love the whole sentiment of this post, the idea of being someone you're proud of. The post was so beautifully written and heartfelt. Thank you for putting yourself out there like that.

    On a less deep note, this is one of my favorite outfits of yours! Those cardigans from J.Crew are my absolute favorite. (I think I have 5? Eep!) And I love the way you've dressed the Anthro skirt down with a graphic tee. Cute!

  3. my dear Kristina! follow your blog becouse i love it! love all your looks! xoxooo from Romania.Stella

  4. Gorgeous! you are making me wish I owned that skirt...and the cardigan..is that the Jackie in Cerise? love it...

  5. Kristina,
    Where do you get all the time to take these pictures! Girl, you must be the definition of "energy"! Really like the outfit...wishing I had an Anthro store near me.

  6. Saw this outfit on Kim's feature - man, it's sumblime. Everything comes together nicely.
    Also saw that you have a book? Congratulations!!

  7. Kristina, I really love the effortless vibe shown in this outfit and in your pictures. You look peaceful and contemplative.

    And I really connected with this post. Sometimes I find it so easy to be my own worst enemy, rather than being thankful for the things that make me unique. And I found this post to be such a great inspiration and reminder that we CAN be the best versions of ourselves. Thanks!

  8. you really are a writer. that was beautifully written. May you have an amazing walk with Christ always. I love this outfit.

  9. I love this outfit...it is so fun and stylish. Great color and accents!

  10. love this outfit! and the watch! pretty much everything! love your style!
    xoxo, ayan

  11. Hey!

    I'm just wondering is you could tell me the color of the cardigan you are wearing. I love the color, but I can't seem to identify it on the J Crew website. Thanks!


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