Wearing: Bronwen

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dress: Anthro Bronwen  Cardi: Anthro Back Roads  Bag: c/o Handbag Heaven  Booties: MIA Cadet

It was a perfect, relaxing weekend.  
Parents kept the kiddos.  
Lots of sunshine and cool weather. 
Husbie and I spent a few hours in Panera Bread just reading and talking.  
Finished the last of the dresses for my Spring 2012 collection. (more details and photos to come on that very soon! squeal. love them.)  
Ate some scrumptious chili at Skyline.
Re-constructed an old J.Crew skirt to imitate a newer one. (photos coming on Wednesday)
Spent Sunday worshiping with friends.
Signed off on the official front and back cover of my book. 
On to a new week.
What's been good with you?


  1. Can't wait for your spring collection!! :) I sanded and sealed our picnic table, got pictures of my daughter's halloween costume, taught a few piano lessons, and accompanied our church choir.

  2. sounds like an awesome weekend! btw, are you from cincinnati? because i know true cincinnatians are skyline fans! my husband and i eat there a lot too!

  3. I love the booties with the dress. I look forward to both the spring line AND the book. Very exciting things.

    I turned 30 this week, had my entire family drive 17 hrs and stay in my house and I ate some sort of cake or cupcake every day of the week.

  4. I love your series on styling maxi dresses for fall and I have a question for you. I just bought a vintage small floral print maxi dress that I really love and want to wear. Do you have any ideas for me to make it more modern and wearable. It has long bell sleeves that are elastic at the wrist-I could definitely do without the sleeves but I'm not sure how to alter them. I appreciate any ideas! I love your style:)

  5. i love this combination of print and texture!

    it was a beautiful weekend here in cincy too. and of course now i'm craving skyline:)

  6. Hi! I am a new reader and I have a question for you actually about an older post of yours- I am interested in getting a "two paths" trench copy like yours- can you email me? (can't seem to see an email for you anywhere...)
    (hoping you can tell me the seller you used and what size you went with-)
    Thanks again!

  7. Courtney--I attended college and lived in Cincy for six year before I moved to Indy! So yes...HUGE skyline fan here. =)

    Kelli--For fall, I'd probably just pair it with a chuncky sweater to hide the sleeves...or it'd also look cute with a smallish fur vest.

    Courtnee--Next time we meet up it should be at skyline!


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