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Friday, October 7, 2011

Did you ever just NOT know what your next move should be? Or wish you had a gizmo that showed you plainly where each choice would lead?  I'm horrible at making decisions.  It's paralysis...this inability to decide--even about the little things like picking my favorite flavor of ice cream.  I love the opportunities life brings to me...but in all honesty, I can get overwhelmed. I want to experience everything. It really takes me a moment to commit to a decision, and now more than ever, when what I'm deciding will determine what my life will look like from this point on.   
Having magnificent life options is a beautiful gift, but it comes with such responsibility, too.  It takes guts to choose a course, then own your decision and the consequences that come with it...negative or positive.

I'm always a little afraid that in choosing to walk through one specific door all the other great possibilities will slam shut with resounding finality.  But a girl can't live her life without moving forward, so I have to remind myself that making a well-informed, thought-out decision is not necessarily the end of something...but the open door to even larger horizons.
After all, no matter the course--today is the first day of the rest of my life.
Why not run through as many open doors as I can?
Skirt: Anthro Laurenti   Cardi: J.Crew   Bag: Coach  Watch: Fossil  Flats: Steve Madden  Flowers:  Etsy One Perfect Day

Fill in the blank:
Decisions make me feel________________.

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  1. Decisions make me feel a little skitterish at times, challenged certainly. Sometimes I quite like my rut, and at others I want out! :)
    All the best with your decision making. If all else fails, ask the Man Upstairs. :)

  2. love very much your amazing,beautiful outfit! xxx

  3. It takes me a long time to make a decision...about anything. I just think so much about every decision!

    Your outfit is just lovely, so classy and pretty.

  4. Decisions make me feel stressed. Love the outfit today. I love this lady like look, but I always feel like I can't pull it off. Love your daily dose of fashion fabulousness.

  5. "Or wish you had a gizmo that showed you plainly where each choice would lead?"

    YES!!! I so want that gizmo! I'm horrible at making decisions. I always take a long time and nitpick over everything. I blame it on a crippling sense of perfectionism. I don't ever want to make the "wrong" decision, because it's hard for me to get over it and just accept that I can't go back to "fix" it.

  6. I've been super busy lately and I missed this post...
    Your photos are A-MA-ZING and it's such a thrill to see you wearing that brooch!!

    When faced with a decision I weigh all the pros and cons but ultimately go with what my instinct is telling me is best. I never regret a decision made that way.


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