Wearing: Coral + Gold

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dress: Anthropologie In a Twinkling
Cardi + Belt: J.Crew
Pumps: UO
Watch: AE
The evening was filled with a million happy moments. 
My parents and Nathaniel, along with my boyfriend, Scott, and I, had just eaten out at a family-style restaurant and were headed home. The brilliant rays of the late evening sun were intense, white-washing the colors as they poured through the window into the back seat of my father's car. The smell of boxed fried chicken lingered in the air and the conversation assumed the lazy tempo that often accompanies a satisfying meal. In a moment that seems suspended in time, my brother looked at me with eyes as wide and clear as the Texas sky--that oh, so familiar grin cutting a crooked line across his face.
"All I know, Kristina, is that I'd better die before you do, 'cuz I could never live without you," he said, matter-of-factly.
Some moments take your breath away, while others are so pure and beautiful in their simplicity, you don't recognize their significance until later. I will never know if my strong, strapping eighteen-year-old brother felt any insecurity in saying those words to me.
What matters most now, is that he said them.

Excerpt from my book, After Nathaniel 

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  1. wow.. your story and relationship with your brother sounds so powerful. amazing that he said that... what precious words.

  2. I love your style,I love this outfit. You are a talented writer. You are truly a beautiful soul.

  3. You look striking in the coral cardigan!!! Just lovely!!

  4. Those gold moments - ones that you can now draw and reflect on. He sounds like an incredible brother.

  5. the excerpt from your book had me all teary-eyed. i have a brother too and i love him a lot even if he drives me crazy most of the time. i would love love love to read your book.

    p.s. your outfit is beautiful! coral, gold, and white go so well with each other. and i love your shoes! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  6. What a beautiful excerpt! I always tell my husband that there is no way he can pass before myself. That we will breathe our last breath together, then we will live together forever. Thinking that always gives me peace of mind :)

    And this outfit and you are gorgeous, as usual :)

  7. Precious words to treasure and to remember him by.

  8. What a beautiful excerpt - loved reading it. You look gorgeous in the coral and gold...that dress is SO pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. You look beautiful, Kristina! And I enjoyed reading the excerpt from After Nathaniel... beautiful story.

  10. Just love this. The color combo, and especially the excerpt :)

  11. Beautiful!
    Just curious, in your last picture, is that an orb sitting on your right shoulder or just an odd reflection of light????

  12. Moving, beautiful and profound text. Here in Belgium, a whole nation is mourning the death of 22 kids and 6 adults.

    It helps though when you think that life and death are both “states” of a same dynamic and continuous flux. A beautiful image read some years ago:

    “Make up the picture of a beach and hear the rolling waves endlessly ending up at the shore. Deep in the sea you don't see the waves but they somehow get formed out of the big mass of water. Waves are formed, they grow and they move swiftly to the shore where they break. The fact that the wave has broken does not mean that it ceased existing. The wave goes on existing in some way because the water it was composed from does not disappear but somehow re-unites with the sea it comes from. Death is similar. According to buddhism, a human being does not die but passes away and rejoins the immense Universe where it comes from. The wave exists in the sea. And life rejoins the universe.”

    And yes, thank you Kristina for this text, it helps when you share and when you realize you are not alone.

  13. I just finished your book a couple weeks ago and found it impossible to put down. Such a beautiful story of grace in the midst of tragedy.
    Love the dress, and the cardi, and the gold. Beautiful!

  14. Oh that dress is soooo wonderful! just my style :) You look amazing dear

  15. Wow, I don't even know how to respond. That was beautiful, Kristina. (As is your outfit, always.)

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