Wearing: Camel + Black

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Skirt:: Banana Republic
Blouse:: LOFT
Belt:: J.Crew
Trench:: Target
Bag: Handbag Heaven
Pumps: Nine West
Watch:: AE

Today, I'm loving:
  • salted pretzels dipped in chocolate
  • lisped prayers of my children
  • a sateen black trench
  • big hair that has a personality of its own
  • the reassuring squeeze of husbie's arms around me
  • little fingers on piano keys
  • friendly cards in the mailbox
  • sunbeams across the floor
What are you loving today?

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  1. Camel & black is one of my favs! Looks so classy!

  2. I'm loving your blog - :) Love your great style!

    Also loving iced coffee. Words with Friends. Easy runs. Spring decorating. The whisper of the Still Small Voice.

    Hope you & Scottie & your cute family are well!

  3. Love how you styled your clothes in this post!

    I'm loving my 3 year old sporting his outer space pj's AND his yellow rain boots...all day.

  4. Loving an evening hanging out at church, not in a hurry to leave. My best friend who made me dinner. Pandora. Relaxing.

  5. I am so anxious to have a job where I can dress up, because your style is divine! Sadly, I can't quite recreate it with the preschoolers I teach and their paint and boogers. Hahaha.

    <3 The Daily Dani

  6. You look so classy and chic. Black and camel are such lovely colors together and your rocking this outfit Kristina!!

  7. I love the whole outfit! You look so classy :)


  8. As usual this outfit and photos are perfection! I love your blog and have followed you from the start (won a contest from you ages ago - a little coin purse). I just started a brand new Anthro-centered blog and I hope you will check me out. :) http://anthropologieuniform.blogspot.com/

  9. This outfit is just to die for! It is so classy on you and just works so well... It makes me realize that I need a trench coat! I'll have to peruse Target soon!


  10. Camel and black is such a great combination! Love this chic look and your gorgeous hair! :)

  11. Love this combination, especially with the red belt.

  12. The sound of rain while I grade papers/look at fashion blogs! Dreaming of my next trip to Charming Charlies. A husband that makes my coffee most mornings. All the cookbooks I was recently gifted by my aunt (we're talking literally hundreds!) and the joy of cooking all these new recipes!

  13. wow, super chic outfit! i love it all!!!


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