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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Konrad, Kenzie & Reagan

It came to me for the first time in the early hours of an October morning. No one can prepare you for that moment. Nobody says, "When it happens, you'll be resurrected". But just the same, it happens. In an instant, all the you were, you will not be. All that you weren't, you are.

I am a teacher's wife. 
Mother of three children. 
I live on the corner of a curve-less street in a non-descript neighborhood in a house where the Lego's are scattered across the floor, where the remains of finger-paint are still visible on the table and the stain of a blue pen slashes across the toe of my taupe patent pumps.  
My greatest duty in life resides in this house, where we cherish every moment, knowing right now is all we're guaranteed, and that every day is gold.

Here in this house on the corner we are doing our best to be Real, to live out God's grace in tangible ways. 
We make too many mistakes, but never keep count. 
We say I'm sorry. 
We give second changes, offering each other what Christ has so freely given to us. 
We play together. 
We give lots of hugs. 
We do REALLY LOUD. Really, really loud...
We are learning. 

It comes to me fresh in the early hours of each new morning, when the chatter of my children is simple, with music in it, and I watch them tumbling, at play.
And nobody says, "When it happens, you'll be resurrected."
But just the same, you are.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Oh are they ever beautiful! And so are your words on motherhood. I hope you are loved & celebrated EXTRA LOUD on Sunday!

  2. Beautifully written and beautifully made kids. Hope you have the best of mother's day. It really is a resurrection, this journey that we are on.

  3. this is BEAUTIFUL! happy mothers day to you!

  4. Beautiful post. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Heart warming post. I could say an amen to what you have written. Happy Mother's Day for Sunday. Hope your day is sheer bliss. :)
    S x0x

  6. Happy Mother's Day! Your children are beautiful!

  7. Happy Mother's Day. Lovely photos, congratulations, you have beautiful children.

    I really liked the phrase "motherhood came to me". So I see it too: not as an inherent or predisposed condition but rather one that "comes to you" as your babies lie in your arms after delivery. In one of those "cosmic coincidences", motherhood came to me on an October day: on a 12 October 2001 morning. An exciting roller coaster has it been and one which I am grateful for: education and learning is complementary and reciprocal: we (as dad and mom) help our kids grown and our kids help us to grow and to do our human revolution.

  8. So sweet, moving, and inspiring! Gorgeous photos! -Jessica


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