Wearing: Minty Freshness

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Skirt--Joe Fresh (thrifted)
Bag--FOSSIL Maddox

Waking up is hard to do.
Especially when you know it's going to be yet another lazy, summer day with the hair pulled into a top-knot that edges dangerously close to being granny bun-ish. When there's nothing on the schedule except eating about a bazillion icee-pops while spending long, leisurely hours with the kiddos who are lamenting how few dark sleeps are left until school starts again. 
Yet, wake up I must. I'm flying out to market my book, After Nathaniel, at the International Christian Retailer's Show this week, so...enough with the lazy. Must go don my best pencil skirt and at least try to look professional.
Wow. How will I ever manage that? 

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  1. Your top knot is definitely not grannyish! It makes me want long hair. All I can do in the heat is a pony tail, and it's not at all a cute stylish one :(

  2. Love *LOVE* love this look!!
    Super summer vibe and so cute and comfortable :)
    Love the mint too!!

    Have a great evening :0)

  3. Great bag! I almost bought the same one, now I'm wishing I had. Good luck promoting your book.


  4. Hope you have a great time at the show...your book will be a hit!
    I'm not use to seeing you dressed down...great look on you as well. I think you can pull off any look though! :)

  5. Love the outfit! Hope the book show goes well.

  6. Something about the minty striped tee and the top knot makes this outfit look so fresh! Great casual outfit for the summer!

    - Ally

  7. Love your outfit!!!Looks cute and fresh!That mint shirt is great!


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