Wearing: Feathered Chiffon

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dress and Bag:  FOSSIL
Cardi:  J.Crew
Belt:  Ann Taylor
Pumps:  Seychelles Hamburg
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Finally...I'm out of Pinterest prison!  Go ahead. Pin an image, any image...I dare ya. It's been a long, frustrating hiccup here on Kristina J., one that has involved tears and screaming (inwardly) and the almost quitting of blogging altogether. I so owe my Studhubs for not letting me delete the blog, 'cuz I'd really miss it despite the fact that I could write a book on how NOT to blog and how to destroy one's HTML code in a matter of seconds. 
It's been really awesome of you readers as well who've been so patient and emailed me your encouragement during the past few months. 
Lemme know if you have any more pinning problems 'cuz I know a guy who knows a guy who just happens to be a genius at solving my technical blogging issues and boy, lemme tell ya, I've got a lot of 'em. 
But one thing at a time.


  1. you look great! I like your green shoes and this dress:)

  2. Ah, gorgeous as always! Love the entire ensemble.

  3. Oh my goodness, this outfit is amazing. Love love love

  4. Glad you got the Pinterest thing sorted out, I haven't managed to do this on my blog yet since I don't know anything about HTML code.. oh well, sigh. You look fantastic btw! This dress looks gorgeous on you!


  5. That is sad that you had to go so much trouble to fix your pinterest pinning issue! :( I am glad that you fixed it, and you look so gorgeous in this beautiful outfit.

  6. You look so beautiful in this outfit Kristina!!

  7. You look great on that!Love the mint!

  8. Love that dress - and the complete outfit, even though I usually don't like green... what's wrong with me?!? ;-) Seriously, that dress is so adorable I would love to have it! =)
    Just discovered your blog and am a new follower!


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