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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Skirt and Tee:  J.Crew
Cardi:  LOFT
Clutch:  H/M
Pumps:  Nine West
Watch:  AE

Who takes the pictures for your blog?  --question from reader comments 

Really, the better question is, who doesn't? HA. This is a homegrown operation around here. No tripods. No clickers. Just people (and sometimes very little people) who are willing to help a girl out. So lets meet the photographers of Kristina J., shall we?

(left to right)
1.  Studhubs, aka His Royal Hotness -- all around awesome guy, swell husband and father, and yet with all these admirable qualities--quite a pitiful photographer. He's willing to try though, and because he's so available he gets roped into taking the pictures more times than he wants. What he lacks in photog knowledge he makes up for in sheer enthusiasm for what I'm doing around here AND he loves me. Ain't that grand?

2.  Konrad, serious, oh-so-driven first born son -- has been taking pictures for the blog since I started two years ago. It's been easy to teach him since he already has an eye for detail and loves to learn anything new. I guess it doesn't hurt that he knows he can earn extra Wii time to learn a bit more about the camera.

3.  Reagan, highly stylized, creative second born son -- loves to draw robots and fish and whatever else he can imagine. He also has a great affinity for anything gross, so he'd rather be taking pictures of the road kill than me and of course, the fish he draws are always eating people. HA. He's on his way to becoming a great photographer and prefers to earn candy bars in exchange for snapping a few pictures.

4.  Julie, sweetheart and a kindred spirit kind of friend -- she's totally not afraid to boss me around or say, "Don't do that with your hands. It looks dumb." Julie also has a great eye for the unexpected, so when I call her up to take a pic, I know it'll look better than me just standing there with a blank look on my face. She draws it all out of me...the trust, the friendship and the confident-looking poses (trust me, the confidence is totally rehearsed).

5.  Janelle, up-and-coming photog professional -- A couple years ago when we were both starting out, Janelle and I would meet up for practice photography sessions. She'd play around with lighting and lenses while I learned how to stand in front of a camera without squirming and feeling self-conscious. Now she's gone profesh at Janelle's Pics and it's still amazing to work with her from time to time.

6.  Makenzie, loosy-goosy baby daughter, -- loves to take pictures even though I'm pretty sure my camera weighs half as much as she does. As the only child left with stay-at-home momma (that's me), the opportunity for taking pictures has grown exponentially for her. Though anything more than a close-up detail shot is still beyond her.

There they are. The people who make the visual aspect of the blog possible.
Life is a series of learning moments, which is why I'm not always so concerned about the occasional blurry picture or awkward composition. While I want everything I do to be as excellent as possible, I also didn't want the blog to exclude my family, which is why I decided early on to use the photography as an opportunity to teach them a new skill. I can handle a certain lack of professionalism for that...all great photographers got their start because someone gave them a chance.

I love that they're involved, however, it's always amazing to step in front of the camera without having to ask, "Can you see all of me or just my feet?"
That's reality. See the problem. Find a solution. Adjust accordingly.


  1. I like this outfit and I've never tried to have my 6 year old take pics of me. Maybe I should give it a try.

    Method Clothe

  2. Love this. i've been afraid to reveal that my nine yr old takes my outfit pictures.
    K at www.beautystyleandgrowth.blogspot.com

  3. What a lovely post Kristina!! I love the red and blue together....beautiful!! And your photographers truly are amazing!!

  4. soooooo cute- you and your crew! Love the tee with a pencil skirt!

  5. Lovely post! The one which gives you melting smiles...

  6. love your outfit, like your photographers :)

  7. Loved this post! I think it's so adorable that your lovely kids take your pictures!!!

  8. Your nonprofessional photographers sure take great pics! I think it is the love factor that makes all the difference. Great outfit!


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