How To Make a Jewel Boat-neck Top

Thursday, December 13, 2012

jewl neck top

Nothing brings a "dress-out-loud" feel to your wardrobe like a little bit of bling. If you--by you, I mean me--already have enough basics in your wardrobe to last ten years, then here's a super easy fix for the yawn-inducing sweater in your closet. Once the holidays are long gone, you'll have a top with one-of-the-kind detailing you can grab to punch up your other neutral basics. You can find pre-strung jewels at places like charming CHARLIE, Joann Fabrics and Claire's, and FYI, when you're choosing your strand of jewels, watch out for anything that's too 3-D and chunky. You don't want the weight to pull the front of your shirt down unnaturally. Just my two cents. 


  1. That seems like a lot of work when you can just put on a neckless to dress it up. How will this hold up to a washing machine? It is very cute, like the bow.

  2. So elegant! I'll make something similar, too. I like it because the necklace is at the right height and stays there!

    Have a bless Christmas,
    Carmen (ifrom Italy)

  3. This is a great look, very classy. The neckline is a very feminine style without giving "everything" away.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity and the steps used to make this bejewelled sweater.

    Happy Christmas, all the Best in 2013 (Mayans be damned huh?) :)

    Oshawa, Ontario Canada

  4. So fun! I love it!!!


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