Wearing: Stamped Flora

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dress:  Land's End Canvas
Cardi and belt:  J.Crew
Clutch:  Kristina J.
Pumps:  Nine West
Watch:  Target

I know. I have black circles under my eyes...but there's a very good (great) reason, I promise. I've done one book project a day for about 22 days in a row now and while the book is coming along very nicely because of my commitment and (slight) insanity--unfortunately, the lack of sleep is making an appearance on my face but I refuse to let it get me down.
I spent the weekend doing end-product photo shoots with my models--who are totes adorbs, by the way and am getting so super excited about wrapping up the tutorials and moving on to the written aspect of the book. For those of you who linked potential product ideas to my FB page, thank you! I bought several of those pieces to be featured (altered and refashioned, of course) in the book. You saved me tons of web browsing hours for which I commend you.
I'm gonna go sew now. HA. As if I had a choice.


  1. Exciting, exciting, exciting. I didn't notice any black circles under your eyes! Nevertheless, you are working on something fabulous and dark circles are totally worth it!

    More Modern Modesty

  2. I love this look! Adorable!


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