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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ralph Lauren Dress | GAP Jacket | FOSSIL Maddox Bag | c/o RedEnvelope Watch | Steve Madden Flats

I'm reeling. 
When I began to read Behind the Beautiful Forevers, I thought to read a book about people who were different from me, whose circumstances were so far removed that I might mentally struggle to put myself into their emotional space. 
Then I discovered that the slum of India is the same as the realm in which I function. There is nothing much different between us. I live in a white-sided house in a presumably more progressive country, yet the stench of discontentment is appallingly similar to that in the open swamp where people live in plastic-bottle huts. 
Even here, parents excuse and protect their children from hard work. 
Grown men break their mother's hearts. 
The disillusioned seek to spread their bitterness.
We are not so different. 
Even here--maybe even especially here--surrounded by the dissenters, the complainers, the liars and the abandoned...it can be blisteringly hard to be good. 
*Major soul-searching ahead.

"If the house is crooked and crumbling, and the land on which it sits is uneven, 
is possible to make anything lie straight?" -- Katherine Boo


  1. I like your outfit.
    In my opinion, wherever a person lives, the same fears and problems come to every part of the world.
    We fear for the dear ones, we want to protect our children, we cry and we laugh and we live and finally die. It is the circle of life, and the surface may look different, but emotions are in every human being, no matter where his county is.

  2. First off...great post! I love your thoughts. It also makes me want to do a little soul searching.
    Second, I love this look.It's so relaxed and easy. I may need to hit the sewing machine and whip up a maxi.
    Third.. I love your new header. I hadn't been here in a while so I'm just now seeing it. (^_^)

  3. I absolutley love this outfit. I've started liking that style of jacket, but have a hard time envisioning it with my skirts. Thank you for the inspiration!


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