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Thursday, May 30, 2013

J.Crew skirt | Land's End Canvas Blouse | H/M Trench | c/o RedEnvelope | Nine West Wedges

Eleven Things To Do This Summer
1.  Watch a baseball game from decently close seats.
2.  Go camping with my boys (the real kind...you know, with a tent and all...and maybe an air mattress).
3.  Figure how to put the Pinterest hover button on my blog images without destroying the HTML code.
4.  Read 35 new books (re-reads don't count). How I wish Marie Lu's Champion came out this summer...
5.  Get my household packed for our family's big move. 
6.  Ride a roller coaster.
7.  Make homemade banana ice-cream to drown in peanut butter sauce.
8.  Fly a kite.
9.  Go biking along the Riverwalk in Indianapolis.
10. Refashion the unworn clothes in my closet to create fancy new duds as opposed to buying more fancy new duds that turn into unworn clothes in my closet.
11. Create an photo book of the summer on Shutterfly.


  1. Sounds like a plan! Going to check out the author you mentioned. Cute outfit!

  2. great plans! i should make a similar list! :)

  3. Great plans! Congrats on the big move too!

  4. I think I have a bit of catching up to do! You're moving? I don't like moving personally... But its good for cutting the clutter. :)
    You are looking lovely by the way. Enjoy time well spent this summer.
    Sheree x0x


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