Thoughts On My Greatest Inadequacy

Thursday, May 9, 2013

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There isn't much that can make me feel inadequate. 
Yeah, there's that geometry thing, and the confidence thing, and then the whole manage-the-household-and-do-the-laundry-while-planning-balanced-meals-and-cooking-every-day thing. 
But really, nothing makes me feel inadequate quite like the responsibility of being a mom to these three human lives...these little souls who look to me with complete trust to make the most basic decisions for them. 
I wonder that I'll be able to teach them how to have meaningful conversation, how to speak truth without bullying and help them discover their skill-set.
How do I help them to become and emerge and transcend....when I'm trying to do those very things myself? A mother's dream that she will one day be humbled by the feats of her children--that by lifting them on her shoulders to learn from her mistakes and triumphs they can reach beyond her to accomplish more extravagant deeds.

It seems to me on Mother's Day I should be giving them gifts that show how crazy blessed I feel to be a part of their lives....little tokens of praise that say thanks for stickin' with me through my bumbling attempts to get this right.
Because I really do want to get it right.


  1. Great post. Your kids are adorable!!

  2. Are you just the best momma ever or what??

  3. They're beautiful! You would think after 21 years of being a mom I would let go of some of the guilt and doubt. Nope, still there! The struggle continues;)

  4. Beautifully written post, as usual, Kristina. And also as usual, I LOVE your outfit! You seriously never miss a beat.

  5. I LOVE your dress, and its so perfect with a denim jacket on top!

    Style Diary

  6. Your children are adorable!! I am sure you a wonderful mom!!
    My boys are adults, but I still enjoy being Mom to my three grown men! And it is a work in progress, because different stages require different parenting. I can't forget that I am dealing with adults.

    Have a wonderful week!


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