Designing: Lumberjack Dress

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lumberjack dress | Kristina J. design

Anthropologie belt | Marc Fisher booties via Macy's | LOFT tights | AE watch

All I wanted to create was a flannel dress that would work for special occasions as well as everyday events. No frills. No bells and whistles...just a perfect, little tartan-print dress that felt timeless and wearable. Of course, I couldn't resist my overtly feminine side completely, which explains the presence of the Guipure lace panel on the bodice. In a perfect world, the Lumberjack dress would have turned out a bit longer, too (had I not so woefully underestimated how much extra fabric I'd need to match the check print on the circle skirt). 
Note to self: Order more fabric next time.
2nd note to self: Wear it to every mid-winter party I attend. No shame. HA.

Would you pay more for a winter dress with sleeves over a sleeveless dress that needs a cardi or jacket thrown over to keep warm?

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  1. I would definitely pay more for a winter dress with sleeves. I also love when I can find a winter dress that isn't knit. It can be hard to wear knit modestly with some body types/hips :)
    Thanks for posting previously about Boden (online store) with cute longer dresses! Such a cool store.

  2. Yes! Definitely wear it to every mid-winter party! It's very flattering on you! No shame!

  3. You asked: I like sleeves.BTW I love your inspirational drawing... I've started doing this and it really helps!

  4. Man, I wish I knew how to sew! I love this! ~Kelly @ Eyes On The Source


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