Layered Up

Saturday, February 22, 2014

AE Shirt + watch | Anthro belt | Marc Fisher booties | HUE tights  

I've been on a cloud of giddiness recently. I mean, like, I'm sure the bubbles and hugs are getting annoying to the people around me, but REALLY... I. Just. Can't. Stop. It. Already. 
It's negative 4 degrees outside. All this inner warmth and wobbliness? Makes no sense. Except that it does, for whatever inexplicable reason. I'm certainly not gonna be the kind of person that complains about an extraordinary amount of happiness. Not when it can be such a capricious little bugger. Please don't pop my bubbles. 

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  1. I really like your outfit! Love the dress! What fabric did you use? Your bubblyness is so infectious this morning THANKS!

    1. It was a wool herringbone print from Jo Ann fabrics.

  2. Your dress and shirt look great. The belt really ties it all together.

  3. I still love this dress, so much Kristina! Doesn't it look good with the red checks - matching up the delicious red silk lining :)

  4. Perfect length on that dress and I love your hair!


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