How to Embellish a Button-up with a Beaded Placket

Thursday, October 30, 2014

beaded placket blouse tutorial
how to make a beaded placket blouse via Kristina J blog

I love a crisp white blouse; it can service a girl's wardrobe in a way no other piece can. But sometimes, I just want something more. Get me? I've wanted to try beading the placket of a button-up since I spotted J.Crew's version in stores. Cluster the beads they way I did here or go all bedazzle crazy and cover the entire placket like this blouse, which I would have totally done if I'd had more beads. Oh, and a note on waay more beads than you think you need! 


what you need green
--button-up blouse
--beads of coordinating colors like these raindrop beads and these crystal rondelles
--needle and thread
CHIC GIRL'S TIP: You can sometimes shop at Claire's to find strands of coordinating beads for much cheaper than loose beads, especially if you check the clearance wall. 

how to embellish a beaded placket shirt

1.  Cut the beads or jewelry away from the string.
2.  Fold a strand of thread in half and feed both cut ends through a needle to form a loop with the thread. Catch a small amount of fabric on the front side of the blouse placket where you want to begin attaching beads.
3.  Attach a cluster of beads one at a time to the blouse.
4.  Tie off the thread between clusters and continue to stitch the beads in groups down the front of the blouse. I ended mine mid-way down to keep from having weird bulges when I tuck in my shirt. No one needs any extra bulgy things in her tummy area. Just putting that out there. 
5.  DONE.

how to embellish a button tab top

CHIC GIRL'S TIP:  As you stitch the beads onto the blouse, try to only catch the upper fold of fabric to keep the inside of your blouse from looking like a crosspatch of stitches.

how to make a beaded placket blouse
beaded placket blouse tutorial

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  1. Very, very pretty. What a great idea! You look so beautiful in the first picture :)

    1. Thanks so much, Patricia. If you try it, I wanna see!

  2. So pretty! Someday I'll have to try this

  3. Brilliant tutorial, really want to try this! Lovely to see you back on the blog again, I look forward to every blog post.

  4. This is beautiful! I have a collection cashmere JCrew sweater that has an unremovable coffee stain (small but noticable). Ive been wanting to do something like this to the front to cover the stain. What a great idea!

  5. too cute! love this idea!


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