How To Make A DIY Stained Plywood Wall Clock

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

how to make a stained plywood clock tutorial via Kristina J blog

I've had a serious and weird obsession with birch plywood recently. Seriously, I have to commend the patience of the hardware store staff for standing by patiently while I examine the plywood panels searching for the perfect one. I've covered walls with plywood panels, made side tables, hacked my IKEA dressers with it and now, a plywood clock. Actually, this project is a guest post by my son, Konrad. This clock is a project he did for a competition this month, but he gave me permission to share the tutorial with you. It's now hanging proudly on the wall of my design studio. 

how to make a stained plywood clock via Kristina J blog

what you need pink

--1/4 inch thick plywood cut into 10 - 12 inch circle
--drill gun with 1/4 inch bit
--painter's tape
--clock kit (this one is from Hobby Lobby)
--clock sweep handles (used these long ones and spray painted them gold)
--wood die-cut numbers (Konrad used these die-cuts from Hobby Lobby)
--wood stain (Konrad used Minwax in Early American shade)
--Minwax Paste Finishing wax
--Modge Podge

how to make stained plywood clock via Kristina J blog

what you do pink

1.  Cut the plywood in a circle or have a hardware store do it for you. You can also buy round plywood sections at most hardware and craft stores. Lightly sand the edges.
2.  Using painter's tape, mark the clock in half. 
3.  Stain one half once or twice depending on how deep you want the color making sure to get the edge as well. Konrad stained twice. Remove tape and let set. 
4.  Drill a hole in the center of plywood to allow for clock mechanism.

how to make a stained plywood wall clock via Kristina J blog
5.   Stain the die-cut numbers with the same color stain as clock. Konrad decided he wanted the numbers to contrast the stain on the clock so he covered half of the 3 and 9 with painter's tape and stained the remaining halves. The 12 was left unstained.
6.   With a q-tip, apply Modge Podge to back of numbers and attach to clock face.
7.   Let dry for a couple hours.
8.   With a soft cloth, apply the wax to clock face and wood numbers. Use a q-tip to clean away the wax from around the numbers.
9.   Follow clock kit directions to attach kit to clock.
9.   DONE.

how to make a stained plywood clock via Kristina J blog



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