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Friday, November 21, 2014

cute midi outfit
Gap sweater similar | Banana Republic skirt | Nine West pumps | Handbag Heaven bag | AE watch

cute midi skirt outfit via Kristina J blog
what she wore


  1. Kristina, here's a question for you...Do you dress like this everyday? Of course, you look adorable! I suppose you were the little girl that didn't mind wearing frills and lace? Me on the other hand...I remember this particular frilly,yellow number that my grandmother paid a chunk for at some fancy store. My mother laid it out one day and I promptly wadded it up and shoved it to the farthest corner under my bed!! Terrible child! :) I would describe my personal style today as casual & easy with a touch of modern chic. I like Simply Vera, Elle, some Lauren Conrad tops @ kohls paired with denim...lots of denim! Cute slip-ons or now with winter setting in, a nice pair of booties. I guess I'm just curious about your grocery shopping/laundry-doing/creative sewing wardrobe! Girl, if you grocery shop in heels, I am in awe! :) Keep up the great work! Devan

  2. Devan--
    It's true, I never hardly ever run around in denim. First I have a job that wouldn't make that appropriate and second, my idea of casual would be to pair an outfit like this with ballet flats (which are looks I do feature on the blog, but of course there's no denim so maybe it never comes off as casual?) I have never worn tons of denim, simply because I have love affair with fabric and feel like life's too short to not try them all out. So in answer to your question, yes...I look like some version of this most days. :)

  3. Life should be looking like this everyday! I'm a "girly"girl in all the sense of this word. Maybe some of us just were born with an "extra sprinkle"on the that side. Tee hee!. Love your style and creativity. May God bless you and your family always.
    Millie =)


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