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Monday, December 1, 2014


Wrap yourself in glimmer. A grosgrain belt with rhinestone detailing is a brilliant way to add wow factor to a waistline (beats adding inches any day!). No mater how you style it, a rhinestone belt is sure to make you feel like you're already on holiday.  If you don't want to construct the belt, you can use any premade fabric belt. Skip to the embellishment part of the instructions to create the same look.

how to make a rhinestone grosgrain belt final 1how to make a rhinestone grosgrain belt1

what you need green

--spool of 1 inch grosgrain ribbon
--spool of 2 inch sheer ribbon
--about 50 iron on rhinestones
--18-20 large teardrop sew on rhinestones
--18-20 medium oblong sew on rhinestones
(a couple rhinestone options depending on the color you prefer; these clear rhinestones from Joann Fabrics or these resin rhinestones from eJoyce)
--Anorak snaps and snap kit from Joann Fabrics
--1 inch wide elastic

how to make a rhinestone grosgrain belt2


1.  Layer the grosgrain ribbon over sheer ribbon.

how to make a rhinestone grosgrain belt3

2.  Fold ribbons into 1 inch box pleats to cover the front width of your waist from one side to the other.

3.  Stitch pleats down both sides of ribbon, leaving 1/2 unstitched at the ends. Fold these ends to inside and press.

how to make a rhinestone grosgrain belt4

4.   Formula to figure how long the elastic sections at back of belt need to be:
      total waist length - front waist measurement + 2 inches = elastic length
After you cut the elastic, divide and cut in half to have a section for each end of the belt.

5.   Cover each piece of elastic with layered ribbons by sewing evenly spaced vertical lines through both layer, leaving a small amount of give in between stitch lines to allow for stretch. 
(You can replace this step by using cream decorative elastic that doesn't need to be covered)

how to make a rhinestone grosgrain belt5

6.  Insert ends of elastic portions into the open ends of front folded section with exposed elastic facing toward the inside. Machine stitch through all layers to secure.

how to make a rhinestone grosgrain belt6

7.  Mark placement for snaps and then fold extra ribbon to back of belt and top-stitch in place to finish.

how to make a rhinestone grosgrain belt7

8.  Fit belt around waist. Following instructions on the package of Snap Kit Tools, apply snaps to ends of belt. 

how to make a rhinestone grosgrain belt9

9.   Cut the bound edges of sheer ribbon away from belt and roll raw edge with fingers to create a frayed look. You can remove some of the lengthwise fibers with a straight pin to thin out the ribbon if you prefer a super unfinished look like I have here.

10.  Starting from center of belt, attach rhinestones onto every other raised box pleat with needle and thread in any design you chose.

11.  Place four small iron-on rhinestones between each larger group and press with steam.

12.  DONE.

how to make a rhinestone grosgrain belt10
how to make a rhinestone grosgrain final 4

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  1. are the pleats structural or design only? the belt is pretty.

  2. The pleats are sewn down along both sides so they end up being part of the design and won't give any when the belt is worn.

  3. I should clarify: are they necessary to provide stiffness/structure? Does the belt work without the pleats?

  4. Love this!!


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