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"It has been my pleasure to share the platform with Kristina. 
She has a distinct and relevant message for women today--especially the young generation. 
Kristina clearly communicates with energy, passion and creativity." 
                                                                                     --Dr. Carolyn Johnson, Firm Foundation Ministries

Kristina Clemens is available for speaking engagements in a variety of venues. Below are several  topics the author can share at youth groups, women's retreats, university general assemblies, conventions, grief workshops, small groups or general church services.  When contacting the author about a speaking opportunity, please refer to the topic below that would best suit your need or preference.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall...
What do you see when you look in the mirror? As women, we are obsessed with beauty. No matter the stage of our lives we long to be chosen, to be looked and noticed as a treasure. We inform our lives with self-help books, magazines, the praise or criticism of others, our own inadequacies and the twisted promises of our culture. We look in the mirror and our God-redeemed reflections are covered by the disgusting black lies we've believed about ourselves. Only when we begin informing our lives with God's Truth for an accurate picture of our significance can we embrace life knowing we are wrapped in the beautiful, luxurious robes of Christ's very own righteousness.

Whatever Happened to Pretty?
People hear the word modesty and automatically conjure up images of women from Little House on the Prairie wearing shapeless, baggy dresses. It's an unfortunate situation, because according to the Bible, there should be nothing frumpy or sloppy about our outward appearance. Just as God's plan for redemption was detailed, beautiful and immaculate, our physical appearance should reflect His sacrifice in a way that is attractive, becoming and yes, even pretty. 

The Prim Girl's Guide to Aesthetic Beauty
Building modest outfits and wardrobes involves time and deliberate clothing choices because nothing in our culture caters to modesty. Kristina shares the tools she uses to build a wardrobe that works for her and is most cost effective. She gives ideas on taking what culture offers us with what is already in our closets and shares a deliberate plan women can use to work their pieces together in a way that glorifies God while creatively reflecting who they are. This is a practical and creative look at how to build wardrobes that are attractive, becoming and reflect who we are as God-children. 

Open Hands and Reckless Abandon
 Raising children comes with a unique set of challenges, especially to women who have experienced the loss of a loved one.  These mothers are very aware of the pain risked by loving their children without reservation while acknowledging any feeble attempts made to protect them might amount to nothing. The author will share how watching her mom and dad journey through every parent's nightmare after the death of her only brother revolutionized her approach to motherhood and describes the challenges of holding her own children with an open palm while loving them with crazy abandon. 

Do You Know Whose You Are? 
 Delivered in testimony form, the author invites you to discover how she made peace with painful memories, conquered her fear of abandonment and acknowledged God's love for her to be permanent and irreversible.  Hers is a story of love and loss, of friendship and romance, but at its core, it is the account of how one young woman embraced the power of belonging to an intimate, all-powerful God. Kristina's poignant and touching testimony of loss, suffering and eventual healing will encourage your faith and debunk the lie that we are irrelevant and insignificant.  

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