Reconstructing: Chocolate Chip Dress

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There are two things I could never do...
1) Kiss a boy who's leaning away from me and
2) leave a $30 Chocolate Chip dress hanging in the Anthropologie store
(even if that dress is 5 sizes too big).
Size 12 and I went on a little adventure together;
I took in side seams, adjusted the
strap length and reattached the waist band.
She compromised. I compromised.
And at the end of the day, it was a love affair.

(Anthropologie Chocolate Chip Dress, Precious Materials Cardigan, Un-named Seed Pearl Headband, Pale Pink Raffia shoes so old I can't even see the label any more)


  1. Kristina!!! You look amazing in that outfit - I LOVE the chocolate chip dress with the precious metals cardi...and now I may need to get myself a precious metals cardi....

    I am in awe, once again, at your skills.

  2. i love how this looks together and you look fantastic!

    I can't believe you did all the have some serious skills!

    I may need a sewing tutorial:D

  3. I will repeat what everyone else has said...I like how you paired these two items together. And the headband is a great compliment.

  4. What a beautiful dress... and with this cardigan... swoon :) I know why you couldn't pass up the deal!

  5. Has there been a 2nd adjustment on the Chocolate Chip dress? I got mine last week for $59.95. I own both items, thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Wow, lady! Way to make it work! I am continually impressed by your sewing and tailoring prowess. I have a pile of about two skirts, four pairs of pants, a dress and three blazers that are waiting for me to make simple alterations, and I keep finding an excuse to put it off.

  7. Thanks all...4-H works, huh? Sewed my first skirt at was a drawstring...tee,hee...

    ett, this was the last dress hanging on the rack...It didn't look damaged, so I'm not sure why it was so cheap.

  8. I am SO impressed with your sewing prowess! You did an awesome job tailoring this dress, and you look LOVELY in these photos. And now for the first time ever, I am lemming the Precious Materials cardigan, thanks to you!

  9. This is absolutely darling!

  10. You are so cute. I love how you wrote this blog, about the love-affair with this dress. LOL I also love the cute, fun and inspiring names that Anthropologie gives to its clothes. ;-) The dress looks even better on you. The cardi and headband are cute, too.


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