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Sunday, August 22, 2010

As of today, our son Konrad, has officially joined the ranks of school-goers everywhere. We took a special trip to Schoolbells to buy the very uninspired (I apologize to the designers) school uniform he's required to wear at the private school he attends.
I mean, surely duckcloth can be woven into colors other than blue and khaki, right? Just sayin'...
The crazy thing is, he absolutely loves it! Go figure...

Such a symbolic day...
the first of many steps he'll take in walking away from me as we (hopefully) raise him to become more and more responsibly independent.
Look at that face!!!
I doubt I'll ever be a designer for a uniform company, but if I ever did get to design a line, I for sure be doing some crazy stuff for the kids.
These are some uniform sketches from my own sketch-book. Please keep in mind that I am NOT an artist and sketching has never been a part of my design process (it's really more organic for me), but I still keep trying to draw...

So, while I appreciate uniforms for the money I'll save in play clothes, I guess I'll always be dreaming of a school where the children look more like they walked out of a crewcuts ad than a classroom.
What about you? Do you love uniforms or hate them?
Would you love them more if they were actually cute?


  1. Oh, I would wear your uniforms in a heartbeat -- so much better than what's available for kids now!

    A few months ago, one of my coworks told me that my tweed jumper-striped shirt outfit looked "parochial." I'm still puzzled whether she meant that as a comment or not...

  2. Hmmm...yeah, if she meant narrow in scope then, maybe it wasn't a compliment, but if she meant you look like a very cute parish school-girl that would be a good thing, (in my humble opinion)...I guess you'd have to ask her...=)

  3. Oh, Konrad is so adorable! Look at his grown-up-little-man face and outfit (school uniform pic). I could just eat him up! Rowan starts kindergarten in a couple weeks too, but no uniform required (public school).

    And I think your school uniform designs are fabulous. Maybe you should consider a sideline. ;)

  4. Your son is so cute!!

    I went to private school from k-12 and had to wear a uniform. Oh, how I hated them!!! It's funny as an adult I'm always drawn to things that are pleated and/or plaid. You take the girl out of private school but I guess you can't the private school out of the girl.

    Your uniform designs are fantastic!


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