Wearing: Orchid Whisper

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

(KRISTINA J. Orchid Whisper Dress handworked by me, J.CREW bouquet sash, Payless Wedges)

I walked into TJMaxx to look at the toys with my children,
when saw a sack dress made out of the most beautiful fabric
hovering in the corner of my eye.
I think I might have actually lost my breath for a second.
I knew instantly I'd have to use it, so I grabbed the XXL just to make sure I'd have enough fabric, reworked it and voila!!!!....
the little Orchid Whisper dress (which I love, by the way).
It's looks all demure and delicate, but it's tough enough to go the distance of the day, and for me, that's a must.


  1. I love this dress! The love the details... neckline, texture and ruffle hem - you are awesome!

  2. I am continually amazed by your talent. This is truly stunning and such an inventive use of a ready-to-wear piece.

    Where are these pictures taken? I love the setting!

  3. So, beautiful, Kristina! You're so skilled! I'm super impressed!

  4. That dress is fantastic on you! I wish I had the skills to rework anything, unfortunately I can just barely sew a button!

  5. Thanks all...pictures taken at just another section of train track...

  6. i can't believe you did all that. really you have some talent and vision! please share!

  7. You are so talented Kristina. Another fabulous dress which I'd love to have in my own closet. The belt and shoes are a perfect match with the dress. Those must be some of the nicest Payless shoes I've ever seen. This colage of photos is great too, especially the 3rd & 4th pic. Your pictures always look like postcards, who shoots them and what special effects do you use for them, please let me know?

  8. Gorgeous!! I'm super curious about your reworking process, the before pictures, etc- if it's not top secret!

  9. Super cute! Love how you accessorized with black to keep all of the white from looking *too* sweet.


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