Constructing: Once Upon a Midnight

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before this fabric became the dress it is today, it was a maternity dress I'd built for a special occasion.
Then, as it happens, I quite suddenly found myself no longer pregnant or in need of maternity clothes.

Since no self-respecting girl would ever let such amazing Dupoini Silk go to waste, I reworked the fabric into my Once Upon a Midnight Dress using no patterns and having no plans...just an insane amount of fiddling that went from a pile on the floor to a thing of beauty.

Of course, it has pockets.
Of course, it has a belted waist.
Of course, it has ruching and tulle.

But, my favorite part of the dress is the sleeves,
which I shaped using 26 pin pleats.
From my point-of-view, sleeves are the extra frosting to a beautiful dress--the chance to take a dress from merely pretty to extravagant.

I constructed Once Upon a Midnight several months ago, but it never fails to give that sometimes elusive "ah-ha" feeling a girl can get just by putting on the perfect dress.

(Kristina J. Once Upon a Midnight Dress, Target Skinny Belt, HUE tights, Steve Madden Pumps)


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  2. Your blog is awesome!! I love how you can re-make, refashion and design clothes! You do a fabulous job! I love your style and your curly hair is THE best! I added you to my blog roll! Found you via Anthroholic!

  3. Too awesome and wonderful post, i really like it.

  4. Great- navy dupioni is such a great fabric, but I can never find it! I love the sober colour mixed with delirious detailing!

  5. Wow, that dress is simply stunning and you are beautiful! Just found your blog, and I'm adding it to my favorites. Love it. :)

  6. Oh my gosh, this dress is *so* gorgeous. I can't believe that you did it all yourself! You are so insanely talented and stylish :)

  7. BEAUTIFUL... and navy is SO 'in' right now =)


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