Birthday Giveaway!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So, I officially turn 30 this Saturday, 9/11 Day,
and just to celebrate and let you know how much I appreciate
the fact that you've even arrived at this page in the middle of a HUGE blogosphere, I've been shopping for YOU!!!

There will be two prizes.
The first is the adorable
All Seasons Coin Purse from Anthropologie.
The second prize is a package of six handmade "Thank You" cards from jessicaspaperie at Etsy. I'm super excited about these because I'm a HUGE fan of handmade products and also, these cards are actually made by my cousin, who is a genius paper crafter, and just opened her Etsy store two weeks ago. The really crazy twist is she's expecting her first baby this Saturday--MY birthday! Cool, huh?

If you'd like to participate, just leave a comment on this post and make sure to include your full name. The deadline will be at midnight this Friday the 11th.

Since I'm all about family over here,
I've decided to put each participant's name in a bowl and let my daughter draw out two names (it's really important that I have your full name in case of duplicate first names).
The first name drawn will receive the coin purse and the second will receive the cards.
The winners can then e-mail me their addresses and their prizes will be on the way!

This is just a small way for me to say thanks for all the support you've shown as I post the projects that result from the craziness bouncing around in my brain.


  1. Hey, my little man is due on your birthday too! Count me in! Liz Stetler

  2. I'm in! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! You have great taste--that is an ADORABLE coin purse!

  3. Love the change purse, and LOVE your style.

    Danessa Riggs

  4. Wow Kristina!! You are turning 30!! Soooo young!lol!! I so admire your creativity, style, personality!! It would be cool if the Jessica's baby came on your b-day!! Neat!!

    Marsha Potteiger

  5. Happy Birthday! I turned the big 50 this year! I found your blog through my teenage daughters blog reader. She has a fashion blog too.

    Hope you enjoy your special day. We are big Anthro fans at our house - loving the cute little coin purse!

  6. Happy Birthday! You have the greatest style! And your curls look amazing on you, not at all like the big frizzy mess on top of my head. (What is your secret? Favorite products?)
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Elizabeth Weiner

  7. Happy Birthday! I have so enjoyed following your blog since I found it a few weeks ago. I like your creative style.

    Dixie Parriman

  8. Oh, it's so nice to host a giveaway! Happy early birthday, by the way! And a milestone at that! As you know, I love both your blog, your style, and your crazy-good sewing skillz. Please count me in!

    Carol Kim

  9. Since my birthday was just Sunday, I think I deserve a present!
    Happy Birthday to us, and thank you for the giveaway!

    Teri Lybbert

  10. Elizabeth M: I use Biolage Gelee and Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Spray...a little trick my friend taught me is to use the furnace vent on the floor rather than a hairdryer, (the heat is so diffused it's like airdrying super fast), I kick on the heat and lie down to read a book while my hair dries = big, bouncy hair that is somewhat less frizzy.

  11. Hi Kristina! I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I love love it!!! I always look forward to reading your posts, your outfits are truly adorable! Happy Birthday :)

  12. What a great giveaway - my full name is (obviously) Jan Russell and my email is

    Happy early birthday - 30 was hard for me to swallow! My oldest was born on 9/9 but came home from the hospital on 9/11 and I'm glad to have some happy memories for that day. Good luck to the mama's who are expecting this month - what an exciting time!!!

    P.S. - I'm in my copycat Field Scout outfit today :)

  13. What a great idea! I love birthday giveaways and I love both things you are giving away!

    My full name is Jamie Berg and email is

  14. Happy Birthday! I am now 31 and I love being in my thirties! :) My full name is Jenny Freyta. Thank you for such a great giveaway! My email is

  15. What a cool giveaway! Happy Birthday! Could I just give my email address? Thanks!

  16. happy birthday! you have a fabulous sense of style! i adore your blog!
    anna parker

  17. Happy B-day friend!! yay for fun giveaways and your awesome blog!!
    Ms. Sherissa J. M.

  18. Happy Birthday!!!! I also wanted to say that I recently discovered your blog. It's so much fun! I love visiting and seeing all your cute outfits :)

    Djoahn Ebuen

  19. Super cute giveaway and happy early birthday!!
    Your blog is the cutest and the best part are the dresses you construct- fabulous!

    Dea P.

  20. What a fun giveaway -- I've really enjoyed your blog since I ran accross it a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed the blog about buying a full year in advance for the kiddos -- I have a feeling that I will be referring back to that blog occasionally after my little gal arrives in a few weeks! Keep up the fantastic, creative work!

    Oh, & Happy Birthday! I promise the 30s aren't nearly so bad as it seems once you get over the initial trauma! ;-)

    Jennifer M. Wright :-)

  21. Happy Birthday, Kristina! Wishing you a fabulous day. Love your alterations -- you have inspired me to add a sewing machine to my Christmas list:) I'm hoping Mackenzie picks ME !

  22. Love your style and creativity! =) And I also love drawings, so here I am!!
    Calista Smith

  23. How thoughtful of you to think of us on your birthday! Have a FABULOUS birthday - and if you thought your 20s were fun; your 30s are EVEN BETTER! :)
    Sonya Rosenthal

  24. Happy early Birthday and thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!!!! Love your blog...I'm a new follower!

    Kelly P.

  25. Love checking in on your blog. I love to sew as well, but I sew more AG doll dresses than anything else these days:)Guess the baby couldn't wait till your Count me in on the drawing:)
    Nancy J Lambeth

  26. I found your blog about a week ago and love it! I can barely sew a button and am amazed with your abilities! Love the blog and love the give aways. -Kimberly Tadross

  27. Happy Birthday! I just recently discovered your blog and quickly became obsessed with your awesome, feminine style! BTW, I went to Ball State, so I'm familiar with good old Muncie!

    Kristin Gibson

  28. Happy Birthday! Awesome giveaway! I found your blog via Anthroholic! Thanks.

  29. I'm late. But still wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love ya, Lanee' Marshall


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